Closer to finishes………..

The seams are all sewn on this alternate version of Soul Searching.  It has come out almost square like the first one so I will probably add end borders on this one too.  It is 68″ x 72″ right now.  It was rectangular in the design stage but with only 9 seams vertically and 35 seams horizontally, it shrunk a lot in one direction.  It would make a nice large wallhanging but not for my house with 8 ft. ceilings.

I also finished the quilting on the last border of this Streak of Lightning zig zag and pulled out all of the basting and trimmed the edges.  I don’t want solid black for the binding so I have some searching to do for the right color and fabric.

Here are two of the last three cactus blooms.  I’m sure they are probably done now and in another month I will be able to put them outside for the summer.  Since I have so many they will have to go out on a rotating basis.


14 thoughts on “Closer to finishes………..

  1. We are supposed to have a glorious weekend! Oh such a problem to have…. rotating plants outside, especially after the long, very cold winter!!! YAY~!~

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors. I wasn't aware that you put the cacti outside for the summer. I always thought they were put in the dark or something like that.

  3. I know I would do the obvious and conservative thing and use a black binding. But I'm sure it'll be a lot better with something else – outside the box – can't wait to see what you choose. I love that quilt!

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