All of the pieces on the wall………

I spent the whole morning yesterday finishing the orange and turquoise sections, pressing the part that is pieced (the half on the left) and sorting and putting away leftover fabrics.  Last night I took 8 rows down and clipped them together.  I started sewing them but I needed to bake cookies so I didn’t get much done. 

Several “no reply” commenters have asked for the source of this quilt pattern.  If you go back a few days you will usually find my reference when I started it.  Here is the post where I told about it.  If you want answers I have an email link on my right side bar and also on my profile page.  OR you could enable your email address in your Google Blogger account and then I can reply to you.

I mowed my front yard yesterday afternoon.  It always looks nice when it gets the first cut because it is so uneven in the spring.  The grass in the back yard won’t need to be cut for at least another week.  That’s good because my arm and shoulder were really aching by the time I finished.


17 thoughts on “All of the pieces on the wall………

  1. Just to let you know, if you are a WordPress blogger, as I am, fixing the no reply issue is not that easy. I appear as no reply to those on Blogger and the only way for me to fix this, is to create a blogger account and log in that way any time I want to leave a comment on a Blogger blog. Uggg. I am loathe to open yet another online account and have to go through another log in screen. If I really want someone to reply to my comments, I will put my e-mail in this way:
    sew4given AT aol DOT com. This prevents spambots from picking up my addy. Don't feel you have to reply to my “no reply” comments :). Love your blog and it is the first one I read every day! Love your newest project.

  2. I love the colors in this piece! I need to mow my front yard too. I should have found someone to work on my mower over the winter, but since I didn't I'll will deal with it the best I can. I would like to power wash it if it ever gets warm enough outside!

  3. I like this arrangement of blocks better than the original pattern. I made Red Center for a queen bed from a MO pattern using green and purple-waiting for the binding. I really like many of Kathy's patterns. This one is just stunning, Wanda!

  4. You have made this pattern before haven't you, like late last year ? Or am I dreaming ? It is just as dazzling as the first one I remember.


  5. So many fun & bright colors!! This is a very geometric design & I love it. Take care with the arm and shoulder—please don't overdue. You need them to hold your precious grand baby!!

  6. I didn't have Wi-Fi while in Paducah – which was an awesome and very busy time! – so I'm behind on email! This is great, different from the first one, but equally wonderful.

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