Workshop results………..

One of the ladies decided to do the blocks the way they are in the book.  She sewed one together to learn the steps.

Then she just planned the color part of some more blocks and stacked and pinned them to take home and sew. 

The other two ladies chose the alternate layout.  This one was all planned by the end of the workshop.  She stacked and pinned all of the pieces too and will add the light fabrics at home.

This is going to be a wallhanging so she just has one more half block to design.  Since she gets off work early in the day she will come back today and finish and then stack and pin to take it home.

I put the light fabrics in mine as I was designing it.  I forgot to take another photo when I added another block below the purple one.  I started sewing it last night.

I stacked the rows from top to bottom and clipped and labeled them.

I pieced each vertical row and then sewed row 1 and 2, then added row 3, and here I am sewing on row 4.

In this photo I have 6 vertical rows sewn together and then I quit for the night.  I’ll take it down to the basement this morning and press it and finish designing on a double design wall.


23 thoughts on “Workshop results………..

  1. What beautiful color combinations! I liked to see the process. It helps me understand how to put things together. I sometimes pick the hardest way possible out of lack of knowledge and experience. Great jobs on all the quilts.

  2. I have this book and want to make this quilt but I have B&W envy! I look as so many of these blocks and cannot even BELIEVE the variety of the black & whites in them. I look for them everywhere!!

  3. It looks like you haven't pressed the vertical row seams open or to the side before you sew the rows together in the next to last picture. Do you press them to the side after you've sewn all the rows together? That would certainly be a time saver I'd like to look into!

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