Miscellany day………

I didn’t accomplish anything big yesterday.  I had an electrician friend put in a dedicated outlet for my microwave to its own breaker instead of being on the same breaker as everything else on my kitchen counters.  While he was here I cleaned off my cutting table in the studio and counted all of the triangle squares that I have sewn so far.  Then it was library, post office, grocery store……then a nap!  Today is supposed to be a little cooler so it will be a good day to get some decisions made on backings for 3 quilts and a border for another.


9 thoughts on “Miscellany day………

  1. Ah, if I had an electrician friend, I would get a separate breaker for my coffee maker. When I forget and use the toaster oven while it is heating the circuit overloads.

  2. All those little things done will add up to free time to sew! I like to get all those errands done and out of the way all at one time so I don't have to think about them anymore and I can move on with the fun stuff!

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