Backing fabric choices…………..

In my search for backing fabric I found almost enough of the one on the left.  I would be 1/2 yard short so I could piece a section out of the leftover fabrics to fill in.  Then I found the fabric on the right of which I have enough for one length for the back.  So….my choices would be one full length of each fabric or piecing in a section to add to the fabric on the left.  They are both Martha Negley fabrics, also Westminster fabrics like Kaffe Fassett fabric is.


22 thoughts on “Backing fabric choices…………..

  1. Great combination. I like them both. Ok here is a question. In your collection of fabrics did you purchase first hand or mostly online? I know you have collected over years. The shops I frequent which is few don't carry the lines you talk about. Just curious. Chris

  2. How can you go wrong with either of them? They are both great. I wish I could find fabric like that. It is hard to know exactly what fabric is online, and I do buy some that way. Your fabrics are the best. I would probably pass out if I ever walked in and saw your stash.

  3. I would use the fabric on the left and piece in the fabric on the right as needed – adding a bit of a surprise rather than a 50/50 arrangement.

    Fun to see the results when you shop your incredibly awesome stash . . .

  4. I like your first idea of piecing in leftover fabrics from the front with the fabric on the left. More work, but it makes the quilt almost reversible in the end with a more coordinated look. It's a great top that deserves a great backing!

  5. I like the yellow “streamer” fabric on the left, so I would vote for using as much of that as possible, then piecing in the blank spots with either leftover fabrics from the front, or the other yellow fabric.

  6. These two gold pieces just make me smile, what a great backing these two will make. I always am in awe of your stash. And to have the perfect backing combinations for all your creations is a great compliment to your profession.


  7. How much piecing do you want to do? And do you want to use up one or the other or the leftovers or have some left for your stash? That helps me decide sometimes. You could use both and make SuperNova for the back.

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