Stars added……….

I have the top sewn together now.  I added in a 9″ wide row on the left which includes the four star blocks.  I had a few 9″ (finished size) squares left from the original group cut and I had to cut a couple 6″ (finished) squares as well as quite a few 3″ (finished) squares to finish it.  It is now 75″ x 93″.  I would like it a couple inches longer……but I’m done.  I will look for backing when I get home from my appointment in Chicago today.  It looks a lot more yellow to me in person but I think the camera likes to pick up the pink.


25 thoughts on “Stars added……….

  1. The picture reads a little dark. But the addition of the stars is Fun!
    Maybe some retail therapy on the way home? On my visit last week I only made it to one shop… and I wish I had wasted time in Menards instead.

  2. I admit to searching for the stars too, a happy little surprise. It's a very pretty quilt! Good luck in Chicago and I too hope you do a little shopping or simply visiting, maybe a fun meal.

  3. At first glance at photo, I could not find the stars. They blend in beautifully. This is another beauty.

    I hope and pray your Dr. will discover the tumor has shrunk down to nothing.


  4. What a lovely spring-y quilt! Even if it IS still too cold outside, at least you have spring inside.

  5. I took this class at Houston Festival from Kaffe and Liza – it was an all day design class several years ago. It was very interesting as there were 36 of us working on design walls all around the room. He took the last hour of class to walk around the room giving his comments on each person's design–we brought floral fabrics and cut in the sizes and played with placement on our design wall. One comment I remember him saying, tho we were blending the fabrics together, he said “make your seams count for something.” I used a soft pastel pallet as that's what I had (we were to bring about 40 pieces of fabric) and love the outcome.

  6. It looks lovely! Obviously, you know what it looks like – so don't worry about what the photo shows. My initial reaction certainly is yellow, but I also native the pink – which by no means detracts.

  7. I'm crossing my fingers for your and your appointment. This quilt rocks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, nobody but nobody handles color better than you do. I love it.


  8. I love this quilt — and I love that I had to really study it to find the stars! What a great idea. And, of course, I love all that pink.
    I too hope that your appointment went well.

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