Yesterday in the comments Marie suggested star blocks to make the quilt wider.  I love star blocks so I decided to experiment.  Since all of the blocks in the quilt (see yesterday’s post) are multiples of 3″ (3″, 6″, and 9″) the stars would have to be the same so this is the first 9″ block.  I want to make them all low contrast so the stars don’t jump out at you since they will only be along one side of the quilt.  I just happen to have the die for the star point section in both 2″ and 3″ so I can make 6″ and 9″ blocks.

I think I need to mention again that if you have a Google+ account there is a 95% chance you are a no reply comment so I can’t answer your questions.  Only about 5% of the + people have figured out how to enable their email address.


12 thoughts on “Stars………..

  1. To be perfectly honest… I haven't figured out the purpose of a Google+ account… It seems to be an imitation of other products… I have one and well….

    The stars will make the quilt a Summer Night quilt!

  2. When Marie suggest the stars for a border… I questioned her thought. But OMG that is beautiful star and I too can see it as an awesome border. And you are so right… the star does not jump right out at you either… What a great post to start our week off.


  3. These are lovely, lovely star blocks and so in keeping with the body of the quilt. It's going to look super.
    I have to say I have the same problem with Google+ and no reply comments – very frustrating when you can't just leave a comment.

  4. Hi Wanda, experimenting with changing the options in my Settings for your blog Exuberant Color where I changed the “You are following” anonymously to “Follow Publicly”. I found these under my profile name and clicked on Options.
    Then I changed my Message settings in the Options page to “Receive site newsletters and communication from Exuberant Color”.
    Let me know if this works for you to reply please.

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