Playing with borders and blooms……..

I was playing with the extra rows on this quilt top.  The center section is 54″ x 87″, really long and narrow.  I added 2 rows of 6″ blocks on both sides, and then because they were already cut I added a row of 3″ squares on top and bottom.  If I sew them on it will be 66″ x 93″.  That is still a little small for a twin bed although it would work on a bunk bed or one with wood side rails and a foot board.  I could take all of this down and just make one more vertical panel to add on the width.  I can see it will be on the design wall for a few days.

My forsythia bush right next to the house on the west side had a few blooms.  The one in the front barely has buds.

Now that these are in bloom I wonder if they are Jonquils instead of Daffodils.  I bought an assortment of bulbs many years ago and they haven’t been very productive the last couple years.  I suspect they need to be dug up and separated.


15 thoughts on “Playing with borders and blooms……..

  1. That quilt looks like a summer afternoon. After the winter I think even a dandelion is a welcome bloom!!!! Just one more garden chore to add to the list!!! on the up side you will get some vitamin D. Supposed to be in the 80s here today… summer?

  2. Your comment on the daffodils (or jonquils) made me curious this morning.
    I had to do some research. The correct name is Narcissus. All daffodils are narcissus. Jonquils is a subset of that group although the names are all used interchangeably by most people.

    That quilt is beautiful!

  3. I really like the way the Kaffe quilt looks with the extra borders. We're also expecting a freeze Tuesday. I'll need to find a way to protect the newly planted pots that are too heavy to pull indoors.

  4. It is a pretty quilt top to study for a few days… I know you will decide on the perfect size.

    We always enjoy seeing your photo's of your blooming plants. Especially now, that they are outside spring bloomers.


  5. love your quilts and thanks for sharing photos of your plants. I live in Minnesota and the last of the snow melted last week. No signs of spring yet. What pattern are you using for the quilt top you are showing?

  6. Lovely quilt, and the blocks you might need to add, great idea to leave it on the wall for a few days. Suddenly you have spring flowers. Deep golden flowers on your shrub, lovely too. Cheers, Jean.

  7. I have loved this quilt of yours since you first posted about it, I noticed it was long and narrow from the KF pattern. I have the fabrics to make the blue version but will definitely have to make it wider as you have.

  8. Why is it lovely even though it is madly “busy”? It can't be just because it is all gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric – would it be very difficult to tell me why it works. Love the narcissi, in England daffodils are all yellow.

  9. What IS the difference between daffodils and jonquils? Never mind, I can google that! I love the yellow quilt, I'm not sure I've really seen one before, and might have to make one myself. My favorite monochromatic quilt, as of now, is orange. I don't think I'll like the yellow better, but it'll be fun to make! My forsythia is in full bloom, of course, and has been so for a week or more. Yours will both get there soon. Red buds are beginning to bloom around here, which means dogwood isn't far behind. I'm hoping to see them brightening up the woods as I drive to Georgia the first weekend in May.

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