Border project……..

I have several quilt tops waiting for borders.  If you go back to this post I am saying I’ll wait a couple days before I make a decision on borders.  That was in October 2010….so three and a half years later I’m going to finish it.  This quilt’s pattern is a free download here and is also in one of Kaffe’s books.  I have kept the leftover squares and all of the yardage in one bin all of these years, just waiting……


17 thoughts on “Border project……..

  1. Oh Wanda that's funny…but I do the same thing! Now after you pick your borders and finish it, then will you make another project with the squares and fabrics from the bin? 🙂
    Also – just wondering, do any of the stores out by you have a good selection of Kaffe and the like? I'm on the hunt for some yummy splashy prints. I started a quilt before I chose all the fabrics and now I'm stuck. Thanks!

  2. a couple of days, a couple of years – you know I always say that Quilt Time is a time warp and this proves it. You have such a lovely taste in fabric. Good luck moving on with your tops

  3. Beautiful, Wanda. I bought that book and fat quarter bundles of KF fabrics year before last to make that quilt. Can't bring myself to cut the beautiful fabrics.

  4. The weekend got away from me, and I didn't get to my computer…

    Your stars were a hit this weekend for sure. I just love them. Today's post is wonderful, with your usual gorgeous fabrics, they really are just the best. We all need a boost of spring colors right now. With our cool temps not giving way to any warm spring temps yet.


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