Negative space…….

I was surprised by the shape of the negative space in the center with the stars placed in 2 rows.  It won’t fill evenly with star points; I think it would need equilateral triangles.  I’m planning on making more Spin blocks so I’ll have more scraps to make one more star and then I can see what happens when I move the bottom 2 down and put a star in the middle.  On the other hand a table runner with stars in a straight line sounds good right now.

I finished the ditch quilting on this one last night so the next step is deciding how to trim it.

It was a beautiful day with no wind yesterday.  It was only about 50 degrees but with the sun shining and no wind it felt warmer.  I started my brush pile on the end of the driveway for the first pick up of the season on Monday.


18 thoughts on “Negative space…….

  1. It looks like it would hold 5 diamonds, with 4 laying on their sides and 1 standing straight on its point in the middle. Lots of Y seams though. It would be easier to use triangles. (don't you love my description of placement?)

  2. I was thinking something simpler but similar to what Jean mentioned.
    One pieced diamond in the bigger shape “bordered” with a solid to echo a solid in the diamond in the other open space.
    I think it would be very eyecatching.

  3. I like the idea of the stars in a row, making a tablerunner…but I can see that playing with the shapes, adding the “math” might be more intriguing (for those of us who like math, that is)….:(

    Looks like it'll be a beautiful day today here! I need to get out and start the arduous task of raking leaves.

  4. Fabulous stars! It depends how many you want to make, but if you 'slipped' one column down half a place, I think that you'd get a hexagon in the negative space, wouldn't you?
    Bet you have fun trying whatever layouts you think of!

  5. Wonderful stars! I see an elongated hexagon in that negative space. Making your own paper template to sew into that space seems the easiest solution to me, just mho. But then I see hexies everywhere. I invite you to link to HExie Weekend (closes Monday, midnight) to share your lovely diamonds.

  6. Like those stars! It will be interesting to see the different layouts you do. And I think spring is finally here! Yeah! Am looking forward to opening my windows and letting some fresh air in.

  7. Your wonky square quilts are really growing on me – which probably isn't at all bad, as I have a pretty large basket of random wonky strips.
    Now, if only I didn't already have a whole bunch of projects on my list of things to complete/to do, I could jump right into these inspirations I get from you, the minute I feel so moved!

  8. You have been so busy= such beautiful colours. I am not good at picking all those colours…so admire it greatly in those that choose them 🙂

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