Pretty flowers…………

I did little bits of this and that yesterday.  I started quilting the Streak of Lightning zig zag that I hand basted, basted another Wonky quilt, did laundry.

Since none of that was photo worthy I’m showing my beautiful cacti blooms instead. 

This is the last orange bloom.  The plant really put on a show for me this year since the first blooms were in the first week of January.

I started this plant from a piece that fell off another cacti that had red blooms.  It has a lot of new growth in several places.


9 thoughts on “Pretty flowers…………

  1. I love the peach cactus. Or is it cacti? I received a very small plant from the Ladies Guild at church for Christmas. It really didn't look very good when I got it but I decided I would try to nurse it back to health. It lost some of its buds and the leaves didn't look well but I watered it and put it in my kitchen window and I now have what I call my “Easter Cactus” as it is in full bloom. I have over 10 flowers blooming on this small plant. More buds are growing so will have blooms for a long time.

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