March recap……….

It was a productive month for finishes, 8 of them.  The only one started and finished in March was the Cowboys baby quilt.  Two of the quilt tops were made in January and three of them were made in February.  The bottom right top was made last year.  The top left top was made in 2012.  My goal was really to finish older tops into quilts and what I ended up doing was finishing more new tops into quilts.  I hope to reverse that this month.  I finished a total of 10 quilts for the first quarter of the year.

I knitted 7 dishcloths.  I showed the four at the top of the photo around St. Patrick’s day and completed the other three since then.  That is 19 dishcloths for the first quarter of the year.

I used a couple quilting designs that I had for my embroidery machine on the only 2 mug rugs that I finished.  On the bottom one I did straight line quilting as a filler around the embroidered design.  That makes 14 mug rugs total for the first quarter of this year.

I really hope I can keep up this pace but I know once it gets warm I have to go out and do lots of digging in the front flower garden.  I got a start on cleaning it up last year but have lots more to do to it.


25 thoughts on “March recap……….

  1. I can't wait to get outside also. Your finishes are impressive. Wish I had that many done. I do have a couple totally finished. If you set goals you will get close to them. Chris

  2. one day you will be able to look at where you keep all of your quilt tops hung/folded and see the amount left to finish is really getting smaller! you do accomplish so much – a little almost every day and we get done don't we and enjoy doing it!

  3. I am constantly amazed at how much you do and how diverse your work is! I was also wondering if you sell your work or if you produce and hold for your gallery show?
    Thank you for your blog – it is a highlight of my day!!!

  4. Quite an accomplishment for only the beginning of the 4th month of this year!! I've been making totes as bday gifts. This was the requested gift this year. I make each one different as I don't like making exactly the same thing over & over. And I've made mug rugs for my book club gals. And a couple quilts. As I type this out, I guess I made several projects too! 🙂

  5. Wanda! You certainly put me to shame on finishing things! Definitely a long Winter for us here…it appears that you were set in more Fall tones until your last one. A “wandaful” start to Spring! Great eyecandy for my morning online. What's next? 🙂

  6. I always enjoy seeing your monthly wrap up in colorful pictures. They are all beautiful. The quilting work on you mug rugs is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  7. Enjoyed seeing every quilt, dish cloth, and mug rugs. Besides all your finishes, you photograph it all and set up your blog for us each day. WHEW ~ ~ ~ not to mention your Art Quilter group, church group and the like. You are my inspiration !


  8. You have been very productive! Last night I got my first taste of splitting my time between yard work and sewing after I get to the house from work and the evening flew! My goal for April is to be more disciplined about splitting my time between house, yard, and sewing and not spending all my time sewing. I know what you mean about lots more to do in the yard. I have got loads to do too!

  9. Amazing! Don't move to a more temperate climate…you might never get anything else done but gardening . Lovely work, as always.
    I have been posting pictures of flowers in between weeding…writing and sewing and such slow way down in the bust of spring…and an early spring after moving back to our home rented out for 7 years…well…I can look at your sewing as justification for not just getting rid of my stash…maybe if we get some winter weather this year I will act on the inspiration that you are. Okay,before I discourage myself I have made one potholder and one gift purse for a child, some curtains, and altered one dress …all in 2014.

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