Making progress………

Yesterday two friends who rarely ever have the same day off from work came over to sew and chat.  One basted two quilts and the other used my design walls and got a quilt top sewn together.  I worked on centers for my Vintage Spin blocks.  I used the fabric with purple woven in one direction and gold metallic in the other direction.  I haven’t sewn them in place yet because I’m not positive those are the 9 blocks I want in the wallhanging.  I will play a little more with arrangement and then sew centers in.  I had to enlarge the circle pattern in the book to have enough overlap onto the wedges.


16 thoughts on “Making progress………

  1. so often I enlarge the circles for patterns a little bit -I prefer to have a little more room to work with then some patterns give you. I love this purple. Must have been nice to have two friends over at the same day for a sewing get together

  2. I hope everyone enlarges the photo, really shows how pretty those centers compliment the spinners.

    Sewing with friends… wish I was one of them. (*._,*)


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