Another quilt almost done……

One more flannel quilt quilted this winter….yes it is still winter here, snow predicted tomorrow night.  Now we are into the damp cold time period which feels colder than it did earlier this winter.

If you remember when I was making this last year, it is a Karen Stone paper piecing pattern named Rattlesnake.  I have renamed mine Bear Trap.  It was a bear to quilt too.  I knew those intersections were bulky when I made it.  I got it trimmed and will choose the binding today and hopefully get it completed.

While I was in the basement I cut 2 more pairs of fabric for the wedges in Vintage Spin.   Below is one last photo of the Philip Jacobs fabrics before I put them away.  They are in order by number now but that won’t last long.


22 thoughts on “Another quilt almost done……

  1. I like your name for this quilt a lot better than the original one. I bet it feels great to get this bear of a project behind you. It's a great looking quilt…well worth the work you put in it.

  2. I really liked “Bear Trap” when you pieced it last year. I am afraid to ask what you mean by the Philip Jacobs fabrics being in order by number-but I am going to. Have a great week!

  3. What gorgeous Philip Jacobs fabric, better than chocolate – I can't resist the stuff and have a wee stash waiting for inspiration for which your Blog is excellent. I love how you use that fabric, it's really interesting to me to see how it looks/can be cut up as I am not very experienced at that at all!

  4. Perfect name for a perfect quilt. Bear Trap is a much better name than Rattlesnake. . . Not too many of us are fond of Rattlesnakes.

    It is snowing right now as I write this, one of the many snow showers we are to get this spring. Farmers Almanac tells me it will be a long cold spring here in our valley.


  5. That Bear Trap quilt would look wonderful in a cabin. I can picture myself curled up in it before a roaring fire. 🙂 The picture of your fabric makes me think your house is like a fabric shop! What fun!

  6. Flannel quilt is amazing, i wouldn't undertake something like that even in plain cotton, it must really have been a bear!! No pun intended!! In flannels. It looks just perfect! Im so impressed, as always!

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