I cut 6 more pairs of fabric for Vintage Spin.  They are all Westminster fabrics and 4 designers are represented here.  There are some vintage Philip Jacobs prints from his first line.

Three rings are sewn and pairs of wedges sewn for one.

We’re almost ready for spring to start today.  I took this photo yesterday morning and there was a little more melting during the day.  I went out to lunch with friends and the air was damp, windy and cold.  Friday is supposed to be above 60 so all of the snow should melt then.


12 thoughts on “Wedges………..

  1. Funny how the damp cold of spring and fall can feel so much colder than the bitter cold of winter…. feels like it sits right in the bones! We had rain yesterday so almost all the snow is gone now too. I've seen some daffodil greens poking up in places!!! Happy 1st Day of Spring!!!

  2. We have some Sedums starting to come through on the south side of the garage. WE still quite a bit of snow on the NW side of the house. Your wedges are really bright and cheery. Chris

  3. The fabric parings are wonderful! It is overcast and there was some very light snow this morning here. We still have some piles of snow, but the majority of it is gone. 12 hours of daylight today – yeah!

  4. Hi Wanda , I am also playing with the Vintage spin.
    I find that by folding fat quarters there is enough fabric for ten wedges . Silently to myself I'm saying hooray being able to use some impulse buys.
    last night I also was looking through my Kaffe fabrics
    I'm watching your blog with great interest.
    Spring in England has come in really Gusty

  5. I think everyone is anxious for springlike temps and signs of new life. I, too, spotted some daffodils coming up. On my walk, I've noticed buds on some trees and robins hopping around.
    Really love this Vintage Spin pattern and your choice of fabrics. So colorful.

  6. Fun combinations for your new 'Spinners'. Always enjoy seeing what you combine.

    I see the lush green grass coming in your neighbors yard. And in the foliage coming in your back garden. What a winter you have had.


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