Wet heavy snow…………

If this was the first snow of the season I would have to say it is pretty.  But with close to 50 measurable snowfalls this winter, it is just another snowfall.

This branch is usually way above my window but with ice first and then wet snow it was hanging low.

I took these photos early in the morning so that is why they are so blue.  The sun was still behind clouds.  Almost every snowfall this year has been light and fluffy because it was so cold.  This time it started out with rain turning to ice and then heavy wet snow.

This was closer to 10:30.  The sun was bright most of the day so some snow and ice melted even though it only got up to 30 degrees.

I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning off tables in the basement.  I’m hoping the weather holds out and the art quilters group can come on Monday.


15 thoughts on “Wet heavy snow…………

  1. well I can say I understand what you mean! for a first snow it is very pretty – but with it most likely being the last snow or hopefully the last snow you just want it to be gone so you can start planting flowers and enjoying sunshine. I do hope it melts quickly for you.

  2. That is how our winter has been… lots of ice and then the snow… makes for treacherous footing. We were beautifully warm yesterday and cold today with huge winds- all night long! Stay in and stay warm!

  3. Looks exactly the same at my house. However, it seems to be melting!!! YEAH! I'm off on a little trip to see my grands so good driving weather would be nice. 🙂

  4. Our snow came when it was colder, so it is not wet and heavy. Shut the whole Buffalo area down. There is over a foot out there today and very cold. It was good they closed everything- no big accidents or stranded people. Underneath all that have to be my tulips just waiting. I did some quilting but a lot of fighting with the machine yesterday. Finally, I won.

  5. Oh, Wanda, that just looks so cold. And your AccuWeather app says it is 15F right now. Having lived in your area I know what you are feeling and I sympathize, this has really been a winter to remember. Hopefully it is about over.

  6. I'm looking out my window now at lots of green in the twilight. I am so glad we seldom have snow and I'm so sorry you have had so much. (I WILL expect you to feel the same sympathy for me when it's blistering hot here this summer. 😉 )

  7. Sorry it was just another snow for you…..you have been SO INUNDATED this year !

    But that's the kind I most love PICTURES of ! In person, it takes my breath away ! Absolutely, wondrously, beautiful !

  8. Oh dear! I am so glad I live a good bit further south than you do. While I'm not at all fond of the summer heat, this year, I've really had it with snow! I don't care if it stays cold to cool for a while longer, but I really hope we don't get any more snow around here – Central Kentucky!

  9. You would think you lived in the mountains with ALL the snow storms you have had this season ! I can see in the photo's how heavy that snow is.


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