15 and 15………

I trimmed the last three blocks and put them on the design wall with the rest to total 15.  I have more ideas of combinations for the next blocks now.

The other 15 blocks I made are for a QOV block drive sponsored by Kevin the Quilter.  Follow that link to read the details.  They need to be submitted in groups of 5 so I made 3 groups to use up the fabric.  They will be mixed in with other donated blocks so there won’t be so many repeats of fabric next to each other.  There is an update post also here

In weather news: a big snowstorm headed here Tues. night into Wed. morning.  Just what we needed!  Today however is supposed to be in the 50s so a lot of the snow we already have will be melting.


16 thoughts on “15 and 15………

  1. I quit watching the weather. So frustrating. Your progress is coming along really well. You really are trying to use up your fabric stash this year. Amazing how much we collect. Chris

  2. Love these blocks! Do you have a plan for the parts you trim off? I have my eye on this pattern – thought I would make it first, but I have started on the star block quilt instead, the one with 12 large blocks and sashing. Fun.

  3. Hi Wanda,

    Those spin blocks are gorgeous!
    I especially like the top row last one on the right. It looks like it is 3D. That is going to be a really cool quilt when you are done.
    Happy quilting!

    Kay in Kansas

  4. Fun blocks…..love what is happing with your choices of fabrics!

    Interesting QOV blocks….I need to keep that pattern in mind when making another top for QOV.

    Keep warm and safe if the weather person is correct. With tongue in cheek, the hubby says they are never wrong!


  5. Wanda! Your Vintage Spin quilt is going to be,……..well…..just beyond any wonderful word I can think of? Thanks for always inspiring me, and thanks for helping contribute to the block drive with your wonderful blocks, and the shout out! I REALLY REALLY appreciate it!

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