Resting day…

My arm and shoulder wanted a rest yesterday so I read and knitted most of the day.  I cut a large square from one of the large print Australian fabrics and sewed the extra triangles that were already cut to finish one block while I watched the news.

A woodpecker landed in the tree by my kitchen window and posed for a photo.

We are supposed to have temperatures above freezing for the next 5 days (50 on Monday).  Snow is predicted overnight on Friday but it will melt quickly.  The snow in the backyard is over my boot tops right now. I’m hoping to see it go down dramatically by the middle of next week.

The medium rose cactus is blooming again. 


16 thoughts on “Resting day…

  1. Another fabulous block. Again today I want to go and buy some Australian fabrics! I don't know how long I can hold out. I need to find some place that sells fat quarters.

  2. hope your shoulder gets healed up soon. our snow too is melting – most areas around here it already is but we are so much in the shade year round that I still have a yard full of all the frozen 1.5 inches of sleet that we had over on the weekend. It is going quickly though and will be close to 70 this weekend they say! I love flickers

  3. Sorry about your shoulder, dear. I hope it's better soon.
    Love the Australian Fabrics you have been playing with yesterday and today. I bought some of those some prints last year. Haven't cut into them yet. I want to be careful how I cut or don't cut the large print fabric.

  4. Each time you post an Aussie block I think that it is my favorite…until I see the next one. 🙂 Beautiful! Is this a “Venus flytrap” fabric? I have seen this woodpecker (or his friend) in my yard as well. They do love suet! Hope your arm/shoulder feel better today.

  5. Even on a no sew day you can't help but create:) Take care of that shoulder! Aussie prints are bootiful and the woodpecker (n0 matter what brand he is) is handsome. Love his little red head. Not going to talk about the gorgeous bloom-too jealous!

  6. What a lovely friend of yours to give you Aussie fabric leftovers. You are doing such prettier creations with it. I look around here and see that I mostly used mine to cover Sam Adams beer boxes to use for storage. 🙂

  7. Exhilarating Australian fabric Wanda ! And why wouldn't it be ? (*._,*)

    Take good care of your sore shoulder and arm… I know how long it takes for us ole gals to heal anymore.

    Our warm temps have caused major flooding problems throughout the valley. Those that live in area's that would never think they'd have a flooding problem are suffering. Too much snow and melting too fast.


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