My two friends came over to sew yesterday and I asked one if I could use her 10 degree wedge ruler during the day.  She helped me finalize my selection of fabrics for the new quilt.  I got all of the pieces cut and sent the ruler home with her.  This is another quilt in “Adding Layers” by Kathy Doughty.  I will have enough done in a few days to show it to you.  Now I need to get back to Vintage Spin and quilting 2 more flannel quilts.


10 thoughts on “Cutting………

  1. It is great to have a friend who will let you borrow a specialty tool like that ruler. Some of those things I just don't buy because they take up space and are seldom used.

  2. I bought one of those rulers off ebay quite a number of years ago and I still haven't used it. I do have a plan for it, it's just getting round to it. Like the choice of fabrics you have gone with too.

  3. Those fabrics make me think of an African safari or some other exotic — and very warm — place. At this point in the winter that never wants to end I think I'm seeing warmth in just about anything I look at.

  4. my book arrived today .I like the look of Madness and also Inca Diamonds .
    It really is a great patchwork book.
    I love the way there are no traditional patterns
    The colours are mind blowing .
    A beautiful book . It's modern . the quilts are over the top.
    Kathy is a clever designer

  5. Wow, you amaze me how you churn them out and are starting yet another brand new quilt while still having several going!
    Of course, I do that myself! I have at least 15 works in progress right now, and another handful sitting around in baskets or boxes where all fabric and pattern have already been selected, and all I need is to start cutting. But unlike you, it's taken me a couple of years to work up this pile of projects, there's no telling when they will be finished, and a couple of them have seen neither the light of day nor the nor the glint of a needle for years!

  6. I really like the fabrics you are working with in the wedge project.

    In the past would never have given them another look, but having worked last year in a local quilt shop where the owner and other quilters would occasionally accent with similar patterns, I have fallen in love!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

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