The reveal…..

Here is the quilt top I made with the Alexander Henry zebra print.  It’s only a fluke that the zebras ended up in rows across the quilt.  I didn’t plan that.

It may just look like a quilt block but……..

this is the quilt in the book and it is 91″ square!  Yes, it is called Mega Churn Dash. 

I’m not sure what I’ll do for the border because I only have a limited amount of the dark print left.

This is the new book that it is in, just released by C&T Publishing, one of their Stash Books.

It is by none other than Kathy Doughty of “Fractured” fame (from her last book) and there is one fractured quilt in this book too.  I removed my post-it note on the cover to take this photo.  I have 6 quilts chosen (out of 15) that I might make.

Check your local quilt shop to see if they have it in yet. 

I have started a second quilt already.  Kathy used vintage fabrics for the one in the book but I wanted to use my Kaffe and Brandon fabrics.

Here are two new combinations I cut last night.  I’m using some of Kaffe’s very early fabrics as well as some recent ones.

It does require using a template to cut the pieces and I haven’t sliced an edge off the paper template yet.  I’m taking my time with the cutting. 

The quilt in the book has 20 blocks but I think I’ll stop at 12 so I can move on to the next quilt.  I also haven’t chosen a fabric for the center circles yet.  I’ll wait until I have more blocks made.


27 thoughts on “The reveal…..

  1. Love the zebras in the Mega top… Maybe you can pull some of the red/maroon in with the border(s). The Kaffe/Brandon one looks very interesting!!! I think I like yours better than I would vintage!34835958

  2. I purchased the new book from Amazon but it was on backorder so I have to wait until next week to get it. I love the Kaffe quilt you are making. The zebras are great in the mega churn dash.

  3. I love both of these tops. My book is pre-ordered – Amazon said it should be here 3/4. I'm still working on ones in the other book. Fractured is on the design wall now.

  4. I certainly hope your readers are looking at these pictures on a bigger screen than their phones! These fabrics are wonderful aka Wandaful choices for these quilts. The author will be so proud you have been this inspired.

  5. I love the starburst quilt that you're working on. it takes dedication to cut it out using paper templates! seems like you could make a big dresden plate using a plastic template and then square it off. … anyway, it's a perfect pattern for your exuberant sensibilities!

  6. I love the Mega Churn Dash! The churn dash is such a great block. Looking forward to border choice – maybe a bolder black and white strip or pull the red or green/blue of the leaves on the zebra print?

  7. How wonderful that zebra quilt is!! If you don't have enough of the zebra print for a border, what about just stopping and using it for the binding to frame the quilt?
    The blocks you're making for the next quilt are so cheerful — on yet another cold winter day.

  8. The zebras in rows is so cool. A very modern quilt. And so big. Looks like a huge quilt block.
    Wow. Love the second quilt you are working on, too. Beautiful fabrics : )

  9. WOW ! What a grand post today Wanda. I REALLY like your 'Mega Churn Dash' better than the one in the book.

    I will look for that book just to enjoy if nothing else that I do with it. AND your Kaffe ~ Brandon pieces are awesome.

    Just makes me smile… you had a few quiet days because of your fall …. And You sure 'came back with a bang'. Just a delightful post when we have snow up to our windows here at my house … you brightened my day Thank you…


  10. Hi Wanda,
    I don't even think you need a border on that Mega Churn Dash. It looks great without it! As for using the paper template, that is an option but I find my wedge rulers are the most useful tool I own after a straight ruler. Well worth getting. Thanks for the enthusiasm you have for my book and already getting two quilts on the way!!! Yeah! Kathy Doughty

  11. I saw the big churn dash in the amazon preview of the book and was drawn to it. I really like the fabrics you've used in yours – it is definitely a signature piece for you! The wedge one is going to be really pretty, too. Can't wait for my copy to get here.

  12. You know I LOVE the zebra quilt! I've never made a quilt like that, using only two fabrics, or using such big pieces of a fabric in a quilt. I've always pieced many smaller blocks, but I love the effect of this, especially, of course, because I love the fabrics!
    I definitely don't think you have to use the same fabric for the border.
    The new book and quilt look exciting as well and I wish you well with both. I just bought her first book and work at a much slower pace than you do, so I'm not going to rush out and get the second just yet – but good to know it's there, and I look forward to continuing to see what you make from it.

  13. I love both of these! Churn dash is one of my favorite blocks and what fun to have a huge CD! The sunburst blocks are great! Good way to use up fabrics of any type, but Kaffe's are awesome.

  14. I love the two-fabric combo and the look of the nestling churndashes. Churndash is my favorite block. You have a wonderful blog which I have followed for quite a long time. Please stop by my new-ish blog when you have a chance.

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