2 fabrics…….

I used these 2 fabrics two days ago for the project I can’t show yet.  The print on the left is a 1993 Alexander Henry print just waiting for the right quilt.  Stash…it’s a wonderful thing.


19 thoughts on “2 fabrics…….

  1. Completely agree about stash! Am always trying to explain the importance of stash to my husband. I fear he will never understand. Looking forward to seeing what you're doing with that African print! Really like that fabric!

  2. I do not know of another person that has a stash like yours Wanda. You are THE professional of fabric stashes. And OMG the way you co-ordinate your pieces from your stash makes your us all envious.

    Oh yah… love the two prints you posted today.


  3. How intriguing these are together! I love the black and white fabric…..have seen it on several fun quilts….wonder if it still is around to buy?

    Look forward to seeing your “project.”

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