Spring colors…but not spring yet…

This is the only spring color in my area.  The wind was strong, the temperature 32…not pleasant.  My friends picked me up and we went out to lunch and stopped for errands.  I’m choosing fabrics for backings and new projects but nothing to show yet.

My arm is feeling better but not healed.  I had X-rays so I know there is nothing broken.  I can’t vacuum for a few more days……darn!


23 thoughts on “Spring colors…but not spring yet…

  1. Several months ago, after seeing your dish cloths, I started making them too and enjoy the easy pattern. I have never seen these colors and it's really pretty. I'll have to look for it next time. That's really too bad that you can't vacuum! My arm is fine, so I had to – Ugh!

  2. I love making these dishcloths too. They are a great project to work on while watching TV. I'm glad you got yourself checked out and know nothing is broken. Hopefully, you'll feel much better soon.

  3. glad you got an x-ray, some times we think we are ok and then later find out it was a hair line crack and make things worse. My little sister went and broke her foot last summer and didn't go to the doctor for months as didn't really think it was anything like that and ended up in a cast for 6 months!

  4. Good news that nothing is broken and even
    better you don't have to vacuum. My arms are
    both good and I only vacuum when I am having
    company…..works for me. Hope you continue to

  5. You find the most delicious colors… from yarn to fabrics. This dish cloth reminds me of mixes of sherbet ice cream.

    I would 'baby' that arm till you know it is 100% healed.


    ps… as February comes to a close, the weather warnings here in our area are frigid temps and snow all next week … We have not had the snow storms like you have had… but I am ready to dial in spring.

  6. But you can knit! The dust isn't going anywhere! I'm glad you had X-rays, it's good to be sure.
    Love your spring colors, is the pattern you use for your dish cloths available in a public spot, or otherwise without copyright so you could share it with me? I know lots of knitting patterns are free and can be shared freely. It does look like a great one, and I'd like to try it.

  7. Fortunately you have not broken anything. Yes your cloth is a touch of spring. I wish it would get here. I think today is the day to start bringing out my spring (pastel) quilts. I need the touch of spring in the house.

  8. Nice spring colors in your washcloth!! Glad to hear you had an X-ray. I hope you are able to rest your body for recovery!! I love watching the Olympics, and am staying inside–my temps are the same!! Good friends always show up when we need some fabric therapy!! Have a good week

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