Another quilt back……..

I got the third quilt back made yesterday for the next batch of quilts to be quilted.  On the 3 flannel ones I have used one large yardage piece from top to bottom and then added blocks of leftover pieces of flannel that were used on the quilt top as a side panel added on.

No reply…… many ways can I say it?  In the first 4 hours yesterday there were 13 no reply commenters (who didn’t add their email address in their comment) hoping to win the iron.  I stopped counting there because there were so many more……Here are the ones from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.: KimP, Miss Sherry, Sarah, Quilt for fun, Marti Dyer Allison, Christine, Janet Avery, Bunny, Cathy Lohwater, Debbie, Cynthia Meredith, Anonymous, and Eileen Kane.  If you have a Google+ account I don’t know how to help you but if you have a Google Blogger acct. you can click on my email link on my right side bar or the email link in my profile and let me help you get your settings right.  You also have a chance to go back and leave another comment with your email address in it (using AT instead of @ and DOT instead of .) if you don’t know how to get into and change your account settings.


24 thoughts on “Another quilt back……..

  1. Thanks so much for pointing out that I'm a “no reply” blogger. Actually, I don't have a blog, but didn't realize that no one could reach me. I'll try again to win that great sounding iron. You can reach me at barb2124(at)comcast(dot) net

  2. Are you going to quilt the flannel ones this winter/spring…. or are they going to wait?

    I saw 2 robins yesterday!!! Do you think they may be good news?

  3. Have never been told I was a no reply comment-er. I'm sure it must be frustrating. Would love to have another chance to win the iron- you can never have too many, right? My e-mail is sassmassATjunoDOTcom. Thanks again for the heads up!3433

  4. Hmmm . . . I even deleted my first comment because I realized that I hadn't checked the “email follow-up comments to” box. So, I checked it and commented again. Not sure why it doesn't show up! I'll go try again.

  5. Wanda, I totally apologize. I thought for sure my email was listed. I even checked! I deleted and made another comment. I apologize for adding to the frustration.


    Now I realize I may have screwed up again! Oh boy

  6. I never received the blog about the giveaway. Guess I missed something. How bout these winds? Looks like the cold has returned. At least it is sunny.

  7. I don't have my own blog but follow many including you on Bloglovin. I am oldtismeataoldotcom. Thank you for the giveaway & showing me what I need to do when I get a note from someone saying I am a no reply follower.

  8. How did I totally miss yesterday's blog? I must be out of my mind! Too bad, I would've loved to win an iron and I know I'm NOT no reply! You are a very kind and patient person to go out of your way to enable people to enter the contest who cannot follow instructions!

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