Flannel stash…….

Here is the rest of the flannel fabrics that I need to use up but probably not this winter.  I used 24 yards of flannel with the first 3 quilts, the two Stack and Slash and the Twisted Rail.  I haven’t figured out how much was used in the Windy City quilt yet.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes yesterday about my fall on the ice.  My driveway has been clear between each snow storm and when new snow falls it is dry underneath so when I shovel it, it is dry to walk on.  Monday however I chose to walk along the edge of the driveway and it is the edge that doesn’t get sun. There is a snow bank about 15″ tall next to it and that creates a shadow and that is where the ice was.  I have had very little ice on the driveway all winter so I wasn’t expecting it.  I have more range of movement but still sore.  We finally are above freezing for a few days so the snow level will finally go down a little.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing a new iron and there will be a giveaway so stay tuned.


24 thoughts on “Flannel stash…….

  1. Making the flannel stash go down …. leads to the question… what is replacing the flannel? Glad to hear that the 'fall' will soon be just a memory.

    I remember the first winter we were in 'Chicagoland'… it was one of the top 3 snowiest winters…. and we had mounds of snow at the end/edges of the driveway … that stayed and stayed and stayed!!! We got that in one snowfall here, last week… over 18″ and we still have lots of that snow… on the ground… but rain and above freezing temps will soon make short work of that! YAY!

  2. I am so relieved that you already see improvement. That's a lot of flannel left in your treasure trove. The fabric stores here may have a bolt or two each season, but nothing like your collection.

  3. Glad you are on the mend! Thought of you this morning, we were out walking the dogs, and we both almost fell several times! The warmer temps had melted the snow, but then froze again overnight – so be careful if you head outside today!

  4. I hope you continue to feel better, Wanda. That ice is so dangerous. Hopefully, the temps will help to get rid of some of it. Are you suppose to get that blast that is hitting Iowa today?

  5. A very nice project can be made with that super stash of flannel. Maybe when the polar vortex dips once again you'll feel up to putting these flannels to work.
    Hope you've better after the flop on the ice. You are fortunate that you didn't get hurt worse.
    My BIL hit his head a few weeks back. Just out in the yard and he slipped. Fractured his skull. Still recovering and may not go back to work.
    Stay off the ice, ok?

  6. I just put a bunch of flannel in a tub with a note that says “do something with this next fall/winter.” I have two flannel quilts and love them both, as do the dogs who are currently sleeping on one. 🙂

  7. That is such good news that you are feeling somewhat better! We're having a mild spell right now too and I've just opened the windows. It's only 44, but that feels downright balmy after some of the temperatures we've had this winter!
    I'm so curious to read about a new iron! I have dreadful luck with irons, so a review will be very welcome.

  8. Wanda, one huge pile of fabric, but my reasoning is, you can never have too much, And when the roads are icy, no driving to a fabric shop!! Please take care of those bruises, check your ribs in case they begin to really hurt after a few days. Breathe deeply, walk carefully, ice packs, then heat might help, take great care, fond greetings, Jean.

  9. You have that much flannel to show and yet you already used 24 yards ! Just looking at your stash it looks like you have double that yardage to design with, next year.

    Oh how I know how it feels to explain how and why you fell. I understand your need to explain… I have done the same with my fall. No broken bones is our bonus. The bruises and muscles will take time to heal.


  10. Oh Wanda, So glad you're feeling a little better and you didn't break anything. I like how you work – I think I will pull out my flannel and see what I have. I have things by color, batiks together and other fabrics that are similar together (like all my hand dyed) but I do have them by ROFGBIV Learned that when I worked at a fabric store. I just have so much,. My storage needs to be gone through and more fabric used up. I'm making my Great Nieces round two of quilts. Hope they remember me when this you see!!

  11. Sorry about your fall but happy it is only soreness and not any broken bones. I woke up this morning to thunder, let the rain begin. I hope it helps to get rid of a whole bunch of snow but does not cause flooding for anyone.

  12. I just bought myself a new iron, a Panasonic cordless. I really like it. I looked at JoAnn's first. All they had was Rowentas, lowest price $70. Didn't want to spend that much to keep it in the trailer for quilting. Off to WalMart. Many more choices, much better prices. Ilike that I don't have a cord draggin around after me. The base has the cord, and you can position that wherever it's good for you. Lots of steam, good and hot.

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