A little accident……….

I have been so careful all winter to not slip and fall but the ice won yesterday.  I landed on my shoulder and then my hip.  I didn’t hear anything crack so I started ice packs right away.  Of course it is my right arm and I’m right handed so I had to do easy things yesterday.  I pulled out the box of Kaffe scraps so I could sort them.

I brought my computer into the studio and hooked it up to the TV with my HDMI cable and watched a few episodes of the Quilt Show while I was sorting. 

I’m sure I’m going to be sore for a few days.


50 thoughts on “A little accident……….

  1. I watched The Quilt Show the last couple of days. I really enjoyed seeing Gyleen's way of doing y seams. I think I can do that. (Yes, it is true. I have never tried a Y seam)
    Victoria's episode inspired me to sew yesterday.

  2. Hopefully you have some soup in the freezer… and won't have to do too much until things are less sore. Take some asprin… and relax. I have so many episodes of TQS to catch up on….

  3. Yikes, Wanda! Make sure you have enough ice melt around your house in a big bag. My sister in law, who has a hip replacement, wears something called Yaktrax (Yaktrax.com) on her boots especially for ice. Make sure you get checked out if there is a lot of swelling and/or pain.

  4. So sorry to hear that you fell, but so glad you are ok. You need to get a pair of Yak Trax for your boots. I wore mine this morning on my mile+ walk to work. I wear a 9.5 size shoe so I bought the medium ones. They help keep you from slipping! Take care!

  5. Sorry to hear about your fall. This has been a bad year for falls. My sister dislocated her right shoulder and then found out she had a fracture in the ball part. That meant 10 weeks of being in a sling and not being able to do anything because she is right handed. Hope things go better for you.

  6. Oh no Wanda! Sorry to hear of your fall. Ice and elevate, that's what they say – and watch quilting shows and pet fabric too. 🙂 Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  7. Oh, OW!!! Feel Better! With the upcoming thaw, rain, freeze cycle we have coming up this week, there is bound to be more treacherous footing ahead. take it easy & watch more TQS.

  8. sorry about your spill! I try to be really careful too as I have osteoporosis – I put Yaktrax's on my shoes when it is icy or snowy. They really keep you from slipping – they cost about $20- $30 depending on which ones you get and are very much worth it! They keep you from falling. I can walk to the mail box with them on my feet – the drive is a slight incline and going to the box and back I don't slip even a little – hope you are better soon

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall, Wanda. Stay warm and inside for the next few days. I fell in our house a week ago-our sweet dog had gotten nervous and tinkled on the ceramic tile-I didn't see it and legs went out in front and tailbone hit the tile when I stepped in it. At least you weren't covered in piddle:)

  10. I am so sorry about your fall. I did that a couple of weeks ago when I was out with the dogs. I fell on my hip, down before I knew what was happening. I guess I have good padding because nothing broke and I was only sore for a day. But it did remind me that I am at a fragile age and need to be super careful. Yuck!

  11. Take good care of yourself over the next couple of days. Hopefully no lasting damage:-) I also fell yesterday (no snow or ice) but I was already headed to the Chiropractor so that definitely helped! I received a 6 month subscription to the quilt show and need to activate it and enjoy the shows. Take care,

  12. Always scary when it comes to falling on ice. I do hope the shoulder/arm is feeling better soon. Meanwhile it looks like you've got yourself a good set up while you're recuperating.

  13. So sorry for your fall ~ I too took a nasty fall a couple weeks ago also … Bruises and a bump on my head but no broken bones. I have some yak tracks somewhere but can't remember where I put them.

    Don't worry about us ~ Just post some 'reruns' from years gone by. (*._,*)


  14. Oh Wanda, this happens so fast, you cannot fathom out how it did, please check your ribs, my hip bruise was so spectacular, then after a few days ribs so very painful, it turns out they are cracked or fractured. And there wasn't even a bruise there. Right side is no fun at all. Take life slowly, breathe deeply, sleep with many pillows, and I'm sending lots of gentle hugs and get well wishes from NZ. LOL, Jean.

  15. Oh dear, that must have given you such a fright, slipping and falling on the ice. Keep warm, stay inside, and take things easy. Even though you will be itching to get sewing again.

  16. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you will be feeling right soon. I fell off the ladder picking oranges a couple of days ago. My spotter (hubby) wasn't watching. I hit on the biggest part, then my back and head. Felt a bit dizzy for the rest of the day, but I'm happy to say I've very little pain. Hope the same for you.

  17. Oh that wretched winter you have, the spell can give you more time to plan the next 20-50 quilts. Watch more TV, when you have fabric, always sorting to do, at least you have your studio cutter, hope you recover well. We will all talk to you over the rest period. Hugs !!!

  18. So sorry. I am terrified of falling down anywhere as I have back issues that could turn into critical problems. Hope you are feeling better. Take care and rest. I watch the Quilt Show while on the treadmill. They make the time fly.

  19. Oh, how frightening ! I am very thankful that nothing is broken ! My husband's hip broke in a flash with a slip on the ice four years ago……unbelievably fast !

    Take it easy, and pet some more pretty fabrics !

  20. Oh, I hope the ice packs do the trick and you're feeling much, much better! This winter has been dreadful on so many levels – and falling on ice is one of the worst!

  21. Ouch ouch! I hope you are feeling better soon (and able to sew to your heart's content). Sorting fabric is likely to lead to all sorts of new inspiration and projects. A little rest is good for inspiration. 🙂

  22. I know you have been extra careful with the snow shoveling. I try to avoid the ice, but it gets everywhere. Hope you are on the mend!! Crazy winter weather!! I got 9 stitches on my right pointer finger in a dog walking accident. Not fun. Makes it hard to do most anything.

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