A little sewing………

I can’t have a post without a photo so here is the total of my sewing yesterday.  When I was loading the photo it looked like slices of triple layer cake with thick frosting between the layers.  The name of the quilt will be Neapolitan though.  It is so much like the ice cream.

Yesterday morning I gave a private lesson to a friend and in the afternoon another friend and I went to see the movie “The Monuments Men”.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was very small child when World War 2 ended and my parents never talked about it so I learned a lot from this movie.  History was never my favorite subject in school either so what I should have absorbed then……..well I didn’t absorb it.


17 thoughts on “A little sewing………

  1. Neapolitan is the perfect name. I too was never too keen on history when I was younger but I am finding that as I get older, it has become more interesting a subject.

  2. Glad to hear a review of the movie. I'm afraid to see it because I loved the book so much. I know they changed the story a lot. Those men were never all together on a mission. I'm afraid I'll be in the movie constantly saying “It didn't happen like that.”

  3. I have the book and just started it – I loved history! I'm sure the book is different than the movie – they always are – sometimes the movie will be more interesting though just because of the people – who can resist George Clooney after all 🙂

  4. Don't feel bad about the history in school. It was not my favorite either. Too often it was presented as a bunch of dry facts of names/dates/places. I learned it to pass the class, then forgot most of it. Also, I think many times, history is sanitized to the viewpoint of who's telling it. For me, history needs to have the human stories behind the facts to stick in my head.

    The pink and brown is looking good!

  5. Love the quilt. My husband and I went to the movie as our Valentines celebration on Tuesday. It was very interesting and I loved it. The reviews had pretty much damned it with faint praise with the best calling it significant. Most talked about the cast, but very little good was said about the film overall. I enjoyed it and thought it was better than the reviews led me to believe. It won't win an Oscar, but I actually loved it. I was really surprised to see Nick Clooney playing George's character 20 or 30 years later. Nice to have a father you look like who has taken care of himself and can act.

  6. I am new to your blog and love your bright colors and all you do with them. I was in grade school during WWII and we didn't get a radio until I was in 6th grade I think. My parents didn't discuss it either. I found Tom Brokaw's book, The Greatest Generation to be both informative and an easy read. He tells it as it was, and I learned so much about how our US treated its own citizens of different nationalities. I learned a lot and would recommend it. I've been reading it a little at a time. I found it by accident at Goodwill when I was looking in the fabric bin, so bought it, and am glad I did.

  7. Oh yes ~ neapolitan ice cream and rich pieces of cake. Think I will try that today! (*._,*) I do love your pieces of pink and brown.

    We will order 'The Monuments of Men' on PFV soon as it hits the waves. I will go by your critique of it.


  8. Neoplitan is the perfect name for that quilt!
    History was never a favourite subject for me either, but I find I devour books about World War II. The Monuments Men is a movie I want to see.

  9. History was not my favorite subject either. I heard the movie was very good from a couple of my friends. Looks like more snow on Monday, will it ever stop? I am looking forward to the thaw at the end of the week.

  10. Where did you get your Scandinavian last name? I grew up in Denmark, which was occupied by Germany during WWII. My parents were both 13 when the war ended, so they both had very strong memories of the war, and growing up, we just always heard and learned a lot about it. Until I moved here – at age 19 after graduating high school – I pretty much had the sense that WWII was THE war, and certainly the most recent war. I surely must've heard and learned about the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as the many wars in the Middle East, but they somehow didn't register in anyway near the same way with me for many years. However, I'd never heard about the story behind “The Monuments Men” before it came up in connection with this movie and the recent discovery of thousands of pieces of art, allegedly stolen by the nazis and held hidden in a private apartment.

  11. I LOVE history. Just not the war / political history! I like to know about how something was done or folks lived… like the cooking, or making flour or travel, or chores. For me that is what makes history come alive. Dates, battles and politics are just to much memory…
    Neapolitan will be delicious!

  12. I read about that movie in today's Parade magazine. I have read several books (historical fiction or autobiographical) about the looted art issues – I was a history minor but I loved the big broad views the best (conceptual rather than dates and factoids).

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