It’s all about pink………..

Yesterday was a sewing day with friends.  This is the project that I have taken along the last two times we met.  I have always wanted to do a pink and brown quilt and never could find the perfect combination.  One day I was working with a pink batik and I decided to shop my stash for more pinks similar to it.

Three of the pinks are batiks and the two browns are batiks.  The 2 lightest fabrics near the top of this photo are regular quilting cottons.  My favorite fabric is the large floral batik in the center.  I need to make four more blocks to complete this small quilt so I cut them last night from the scraps.

More pink goodness!  I started two dishcloths in pink.  Both are ready to start decreasing to create the square.  On the left are the pieces for the last four blocks of the quilt.

I have a few readers who love pink as much as I do so this post is dedicated to them!


19 thoughts on “It’s all about pink………..

  1. gorgeous as always. you sure do have an eye for color and all things beautiful. I also love knitting those dishcloths. I have 5 done so far for this year. love your pink ones. mine are blue variegated

  2. Several years ago when I was working at the quilt shop in Charm for one of there sales they had a pink and brown quilt kit. Those sold like hot cake! That batik brown with the pink really is an anchor fabric for this quilt. Very pretty!

  3. Oh my. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!
    Yummy pink dishcloth yarns started. I finished a pink strip dishcloth last night. Starting a pink variegated one today. February is a PINK month : )

  4. SOooo ~ pretty your pink and brown. Love the pattern also. Dish cloths too… you must have a stash of cotton yarn about as large as your fabulous fabrics ?



    I like those fabrics you chose. I never believed pink & brown could go so well until I started quilting and seeing it in shops & magazines.
    Your pink dishcloth is pretty too!
    Happy Quilting!

    Kay in KS

  6. Never used to like pink. I guess it was the Pepto bismal I used to have to take. But there are so many gorgeous pinks now that I want to make one too! The brown makes it so inviting, not saccharine.

  7. I love pink of all shades (almost) and love it along with brown (and turquoise) soooo I think this looks absolutely great!!! The close ups make it all very understandable, why certain fabrics work so well in the pic picture 🙂

  8. Even those of us who don't LOVE pink will love what you're doing here! I'm very impressed, though, that you're actually knitting TWO pink dishcloths SIMULTANEOUSLY. I've got a lot of projects going at the same time, but that seems excessive somehow! Each to her own, of course, it's not a criticism, especially since I know you finish everything you start, I'm just amazed!

  9. Oh, all that pink is just too gorgeous! Pink is my favourite colour, so I was immediately drawn in to gaze at not only the gorgeous pink and brown quilt blocks but the dishcloths too. Fabulous!

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