10 more blocks………

I made 5 new blocks in the afternoon and then decided I needed to sew up the rest of the strips on the table while I watched the Olympic opening ceremony.  I’m sewing 11″ strips into an approx. 11″ block.  Then I trim them to 10.5″.

The last blocks had a lot of narrow strips in them.  This one has 15 strips which means there are 7 inches in just seam allowances.  I’m pressing seams open.

I created 6 dark and 4 light blocks and today I’ll play with them in the two quilt tops.  I only need 7 more blocks so I can eliminate three that don’t work as well as others.


9 thoughts on “10 more blocks………

  1. Saturday's are slow getting started for me and to see your post today helped 'rev' me up to get started. I enjoyed seeing the inside of all your seam allowances pressed open. Like they are all standing at attention for inspection.


  2. I like sewing strips together. How do you sew yours? I sew two strips together at a time then join two two's together. and so on. I love scrap quilts. Like your colours too

  3. I've only ironed seams open in one quilt! Because I took a class and the teacher said I HAD to. I'm sure it makes sense with strips that thin, but I can't think of anything more annoying!
    Your blocks look great, of course!

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