Another version……..

I’m still playing with ideas for the strippy blocks.  I had the idea to make darker blocks for the bottom and had to try it.  If you missed the original layouts they are here.  I am not sure I have a smooth enough transition and I can make some specific blocks to help with that.  I’m also not sure it has to be that dark.

This one would be 50″ x 60″ if I make one more block.  The original plan was to have one more row which means one more day of sewing blocks.  So many decisions. 

I have plenty of time to sew though.  It only got up to 2 degrees yesterday and back into the -teens last night.  Today will be cold again so I will only make one short trip to the grocery store and then be back home.


14 thoughts on “Another version……..

  1. Really liking the light to dark layout – the transition looks pretty good in the photo but you may need a few specific blocks if the colors are different in real life. Starting a new project today – staying inside as much as possible & out of these stupid cold temps too.

  2. I know designing is fun with what ever blocks you are working with. And for us it is fun to see the many various designs you post. Your 'Strippy' blocks are no exception. . . I so enjoy reading everyones comments and their opinions. I like to keep mine to myself, unless you specifically ask us to vote. (*._,*)

    Cold and snow here too. Lots of chores to do these days, keeping up with it all.


  3. I like both layouts, but the bottom one makes me think of summer — it's very, very pretty! And anything that makes me think of summer on these bitterly cold winter days is a good thing! LOL

  4. I like that a lot. In fact I almost commented the other day that I didn't think there was enough difference between the light at the top and dark at the bottom. I could hardly tell that there was any difference at all. This is much better in my opinion.

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