A little snow………..

This photo was taken after I shoveled 6″ of snow off the sidewalk and the sun came out.  My snow plow guy had just taken care of the driveway for me.  On the left by the mailbox is my gold mound spirea bush, totally covered with snow.  The bush at the right is 6 feet tall and you are looking at about 4 feet of it.  The snow is higher than knee high along the sidewalk so it is an effort to lift the shovel full of snow high enough to pile it on top of the snow bank.  And guess what, another snow storm Saturday and another next Wed.  We haven’t seen bare ground for 38 days according to Chicago weathermen.  The good news?  We have one more hour of daylight today than we had on the shortest day (Dec. 21).

I got 12 strip pieced blocks made last night but they look just like the others so I didn’t take a photo.  instead I’ll show you what is blooming; the first 2 tone pink/white with another bud in the background.

The red one has quite a few buds and one flower opened yesterday.

The pale pink is loaded with buds. I showed 3 blooms a couple days ago and they are around the other side of the pot.

Three people with Google+ profiles have asked me questions in the last few days.  You have NO contact email associated with your account or comment so I can’t get back to you.  I have an email link on my right sidebar and a different link in my profile, so if you want an answer please contact me that way OR put your email address in code (at instead of @ and dot instead of .) in your comment.


18 thoughts on “A little snow………..

  1. You guys have been pounded with snow…we had snow too, but this is our first measurable snowfall all winter. It's been bitterly cold, but not much snow. I'm glad you can stay in where it's warm and sew the day away!

  2. I realized yesterday… that the days were getting longer. We had that little bit of sun… at about 4ish…. A month ago, it would have been closer to dark than sunny!!!

  3. We lost quite a bit of our snow pack last Saturday when it warmed up a bit, but with the snow the last two days it is building back up. We did not get as much as you did though. Shoveling and having to throw the snow up is a lot of work! I am feeling it in my arms today!

  4. Every bit of extra sunshine per day is really appreciated this winter. We don't have as much snow here as you have, but the daily bitter temp's are testing our patience.
    Thanks for the info about the Google+ accounts. I thought I simply “wasn't doing it right” when trying to respond to some comments in a giveaway.
    I appreciate seeing your lovely flowers every winter. They give us a blast of their exuberant color during this bleary season.

  5. As someone who was born in San Diego, I really can't get my mind around living in knee deep snow. We were getting tired of the continual summer until “winter” finally hit. We have gotten some much needed rain and it has gotten cooler. I think I will understand it a lot better when we move to Seattle in the fall to be near the kids and grandgirls. Your cactus is beautiful.

  6. Oh winter, its nice to see the picture, but reality is something else. Come visit me in Australia. I do remember those things tho, Christmas cactus, and snow. All the better for quilting. Glad to watch your work.

  7. Love the plants! Wish I had a two tone one. My Christmas cactus flower painting is done and on my blog a few posts back. It is 18 x 24. I actually find the cold weather for the most part energizing. I don't like slush and grey, but crispy and clean reflects so nice. Hot humid just wipes me put. Careful with that shoveling!

  8. I can't believe the amount of snow we've had either. And more coming for us too.
    I'd much rather look at the pictures of your flowers – they are so pretty! Can almost make one forget about winter by just looking at them.

  9. I hope we don't have a fast thaw so people won't get flooded. I have snow piled everywhere from my driveway. I am getting tired of snow but at least I have my sewing to keep me busy. I received a Christmas cacti for Christmas. It is tiny but hopefully by next winter it will start to bloom.

  10. Kinda miss having snow since we moved to Oklahoma in 2010 from Indiana. I guess you folks have been hit hard this year….am sure you are ready for Spring in a big way!

    I love the batik blocks running vertically…..very pretty!

    Your cactus flowers are so brilliant….thanks for showing your snow and flowers! Have a good weekend!

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