Last 2 days of the month…….

I made another 6 blocks and started the layout on the design wall.  I have all of the strip sets sewn and pressed.  I just realized this is going to look like stacked spools.  We are down to the last 2 days of the month so I have to decide if I am going to get one or two more quilts quilted or just finish making this top.

With several days and nights below zero, Jack Frost came to visit again.

The little ice paintings are 3″ tall at the tallest spot.

This little group of ice trees is between 1.25″ and 1.5″ tall.  Jack can do pretty intricate work in miniature.  Did you notice the blue sky?  Absolutely cloudless.  Three days in a row with 100% sunshine according to the weatherman.  We had a heat wave too, 21 degrees. 


21 thoughts on “Last 2 days of the month…….

  1. Hang onto your hat up to 8 inches of snow accumulation by the time the weekend is over with. We went to the store yesterday and stocked up. I really like your blocks.They are very striking. Chris

  2. Love the ice paintings. As to blue sky: I remember only one “fact” from a physical geography course back in 1950's. If the sky is unbroken blue from horizon to horizon, you are in a high pressure system. A low pressure front will follow in 24 to 48 hours, bringing rain or snow. So Chris's comment is right on target!!!

  3. We are cold down here too…. and 21 would be a heat wave! We are supposed to see close to 50 by the weekend…. but of course that will bring its own set of problems!!!! Love the frost paintings….

  4. Wanda, those blocks look like a mosaic tile floor to me–very pretty! But what would it look like if you turn the bottom row one quarter turn? You'd lose the stacked spools look. What would you get instead?

    Mary G.

  5. Nice crystals! Hard decision, quilt or piece. It is blue here today,I always seem to be a day behind you in weather. I always have a hard time deciding what to work on as I want to do it all. Even with a list of projects, it is hard. Finished quilting another chemo quilt yesterday, on to another small quilt quilting.

  6. I've missed having real winter weather for a few years. We've made up for it this year. It's almost too cold to work I the basement. Thank goodness for space heaters.
    I love this series of warm quilts you are making.

  7. I love your stacked spools top. It has a beautiful multi-dimensional look to it. I'm especially happy that I can enjoy looking at your ice designs from a much warmer perspective. Here's hoping you get a warm-up soon.

  8. These blocks are so elegant ! Just love them.

    And Jack Frost sure had fun with his ice painting's. Mother nature shows us beauty in so many ways.


  9. You're just as creative with a camera as you are with fabric; what an eye you have for the miraculous in the mundane. Thank you for those bits of icy beauty.

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