One more quilt top done, another on the way…….

I moved a few blocks to new positions and decided it was time to sew it together.  If you haven’t been following along on this one, here is the link to the tutorial.

Both of these new Stack and Slash quilts are about 56″ x 70″.

I have 6 of the strip sets for the Twisted Rail quilt sewn now and pressed.  I took 2 of them and layered them like I show in my tutorial and cut them.  These are ready to take to the machine.

If you have your machine in a cabinet with an insert around it or have a table that fits around your machine to create a flat surface you shouldn’t have any trouble with stretching on this seam.  After I sew it I take it to the ironing board and set the seam by setting the iron on top without sliding.  Then I press the seam to one side pressing with the grain of the fabric, not with the bias seam.

I had two reasons to make this pattern again.  One was because I need a few fast flannel quilts for gifts and the other was to try out another layout.  This is the original layout in the tutorial which works really well when you have an uneven number of blocks in one or both directions.

This is another layout that would work in a quilt with an even number of blocks in both directions.  I’m planning this one 6 blocks x 8 blocks so I may use this layout.

My orange cactus is still blooming and has a few more buds.

The pale pink one that has bloomed twice already has just started blooming again. Unfortunately in the photo I cut off the open flower at the bottom.  I have a 2 tone pink and white and a red one with buds, and the cutting from my mother-in-law’s plant has buds.

I fought off a headache all day yesterday so I hope it doesn’t hit me today.  Snow predicted tomorrow and the headaches sometimes come with moisture storms (and barometric pressure changes).


10 thoughts on “One more quilt top done, another on the way…….

  1. I was under the weather issues yesterday with arthritis. Golden years.Always amazes me how a block can be turned into so many different layouts and look totally different. Hope your day is better. Chris

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