On the design wall……….

All of the barometric weather changes in the last week have zapped my energy.  I know we are in for a few more changes this week too.  Yesterday I managed to get these blocks sewn together and up on the design wall.  I was too tired to decide if this is the final layout so I’ll look at them again this morning.  There are 4 blocks of each of the fabric combinations and I have them in diagonal rows right now.  I think they might need mixing up.

While watching the 10 p.m. news I started sewing the strips for the Twisted Rail quilt.  I have 4 out of 12 sets sewn.  I’m using 3″ strips for this one.


9 thoughts on “On the design wall……….

  1. It is not only barometric pressure, but the huge drop in humidity that affects us. I do have a small humidifier I use, but it is sucked dry in a couple of hours. Try drinking lots of water to help you. Or vacation in Florida and get some Vitamin D from the sun! The colors in today's blocks are very cozy for 0 this morning.

  2. I have not had to go to work since last Thursday. Friday was an ice day all day, Monday was my regular day off and today we have delayed opening at 10:00 a.m. Hope things get better. You are in a frozen wasteland up there.

  3. it is too cold up there for all of you – my grandkids will be going to school half the summer to make up the days they are missing – one reader of mine in MN said they had to tie ropes from the house to the barn to make sure they didn't get lost, sounds like something they did in the old days but I guess they still do! the design wall looks great!

  4. Well,well, well I see I left a silly comment on the Twisted Rail in 2010. But for the life of me I could not remember what the pattern was. Thank you for highlighting it for us. Love the fabrics you are working with for the new one.

    Even with the weather changes you accomplished more than most . Your weather is wicked for sure. I totally understand what the barometric pressures do to ones energy. I think you should snuggle up in one of your wonderful quilts and read all day.


  5. You have more energy than most of my friends have. The weather is finally warming up a bit, -1 at
    5:00 AM. There is snow piled everywhere. The grass is exposed in parts of my front yard because of the winds drifting it and now more snow expected. Will it ever stop?

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