An experiment…….

I have read Rayna Gillman’s blog for a long time and have admired the little free form art pieces that she makes.  She travels all over to teach her methods and shares class results on her blog.  When I saw her book I knew I had to own it.  It looks a little lumpy in this photo because I have a pile of fabric folded inside of it; it really lays flat.

One of her exercises uses a block you no longer love being sliced up and getting a new life.  I knew this block was not going to go into my Blazing Star quilt and I couldn’t wait to slice it.

I pulled out a bag of leftover strips and a couple sections of strip piecing that are possibilities for altering the block.

It looks better already…..

Then I shuffled the pieces…….

I started putting inserts in between the sections.

A few more strips added and then inserts in the other direction.

Turned a quarter turn.  I’m not sure which way I like it best or whether I’ll add some more pieces to it. 

In Rayna’s book she talks about how to cut into your “precious” fabrics.  To quote her (with her permission):
“Cut a 6″ strip from every half yard or more that you have purchased, dyed, or printed.  Put aside those strips and consider the rest fair game to be used.  That way you’ll have a mini collection of your precious fabric if you ever need to fondle it or, perish the thought, use it again”.  I can see that I have had it backwards, I always thought the piece I cut off was the one to use and save the rest.  I think I’ll be able to use more of my precious collection now.


34 thoughts on “An experiment…….

  1. Oops – I deleted it because of a typo. Redo.

    Yes, the idea is to use most of your fabric and keep a little bit instead of the other way around. Remember what I said about the big garage sale in the sky:-)).

    You've just inspired me to pack a couple of ugly blocks to work on while I am away, in case I get stuck on my other work. Love what you did with this block!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. That is a great way to use those “oops” blocks that you wouldn't want anyone to see. Whether it is because of really bad points or fabrics that didn't play well together. That book is going on my wish list.

  3. I like what you did to your block, thanks for sharing. I don't buy a lot of books anymore but I will have a look at this one.
    I am wondering how you can use more of your fabric than you already do. You might have to clone yourself. I am always amazed at all that you get done.

  4. As usual I love your color combinations.
    This is what I call doing your own thing. “Improvisation”. This is what I do best for I do not do well following instructions. Among my contemporaries I confess to have ADD of some kind.

  5. Oh Wanda ~ you are just too much ! Who would have thought to create such an exciting block… but you. I loved the post today it is so inspiring. What a great idea ! Thank you !


    p.s. Another Artic Front in your area… Sheridan,IL. was on the news this morning reporting the propane shortage in the area. Try to stay warm.

  6. I love her stuff. That seems like alot of work to make that fantastic block and then cut it up – but I like it. My sister Ellen Guerrant has been making cut up things for years. Check out her website – Love the work, Wanda – you go girl!!!!

  7. I have this book, looked at so often and done nothing!!
    You have really inspired me here to actually get myself into gear – thanks so much. What you have done with your blazing star block using her method is great!!

  8. How cool! I think I would have a nervous breakdown though during the first cut LOL!!! As for using my “precious” fabrics – I have been having to remind myself lately that I am not a “fabric collector” – I'm a quilter! Lately, I'm wondering if I should revise that 🙂

  9. That is really interesting. I will have to pull out all the squares that I have made and play with them. I will also check out her blog and book. Thanks for the info. Hope today is our last day for the extreme cold as I am sick of staying home because of my lung problems. Stay warm!!!

  10. Wanda, you never cease to amaze and inspire with your creativity and productivity! Your followers are truly blessed to have a daily glimpse of your exuberant and colorful world. Thank you so much for sharing and showing.

  11. How interesting! I used to hoard fabric so I like that concept of keeping a strip and using the rest. Now that I've fallen hard for scrappy quilts I find it easier to cut fabric up. Most of my stash won't be used for what I originally intended it for.

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