Quilt top one and number two progress……….

I finished the blocks for Stack and Slash 1 and got the top sewn together.  Most of the reds are more of a burgundy and only one is a true bright red.

Then I got the first step done on the blocks for quilt number two.  I always make a positive/negative combination of blocks from each two fabrics that I pair.  I cut all of the fabrics at once, then choose pairs, sew the blocks and then choose five piles of four blocks I like together for the stack and slash part.


10 thoughts on “Quilt top one and number two progress……….

  1. These are fun blocks to play with… Surprises me how one simple block can be 'slashed' into pieces to make one great block not to mention them all together !

    I can see number two is going to be just as much fun.


  2. Hey Wanda, Did you say that is a 4 1/2″ center and 2 1/2″ strips around? I tried one of these years ago before it became popular. I never finished it. But am working on taking care of business now!I'n on the downhill, gotta get busy!! Keep warm in those Illinois winters!! otterpc@aol.com

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