Am I the only one that didn’t know?………..

A lot of my friends know that I am a Charley Harper fan.  I have purchased the engagement calendar for the last 5 years, bought the postcard calendar one year with tear out postcards.

Somehow I totally missed hearing (or totally forgot) that there was a Charley Harper fabric line coming out.  I saw some of it on a blog……

and immediately did a search for it.  All of the fabric stores in the search were out of stock but 3 etsy shops had some.  I got mostly quarter yards, a couple half yards.

This one has a variety that I can cut up for small projects or centers of blocks.

I think this one was called “at the bird feeder”.

I am still waiting for the package with my piece of the all over cardinals.

These 2 pieces are canvas.  It also comes in interlock knit and flannel as well as quilting weight cotton.  The drawback?  $16.50 a yard; I guess because it is organic cotton.

I can see using the selvage in a project.  If it wasn’t so expensive I would have to have the all over cardinal print in flannel for the back of a quilt. 

I am doing the binding all by machine on the Trip Around the World quilt.  I got three sides done yesterday.  I also mixed up 2 batches of cookie dough which are in the refrigerator to bake today and finished cleaning the basement.  Oh, yes, and shoveled the new 3-4″ of snow off the sidewalk and porch.


28 thoughts on “Am I the only one that didn’t know?………..

  1. I love Charley Harper!! I used his work when I taught public school art and the students loved it, too. I did not know there was fabric. I will check and see if it can find some like you. It looks terrific. How exciting. I saw a couple of his paintings at the bird center at Cornell that were large size and they were awesome.

  2. I had never heard of Charlie Harper. I can see why you like the designs-like looking in your back yard spotting birds. You have enough different pieces to do lots of lovely things!

  3. Have loved Harper forever. Have a large print in my bathroom. Had seen the fabric but so far behind that I did not add it to the stash. Hope there will be more.

  4. I am on the wait list at several shops (on-line and in-person) for the Charley Harper fabric. It is made by a smaller manufacturer so it didn't have the distribution of other fabric lines. Glad you got some!

  5. No, you weren't the last person to know. This fabric line snuck in under the radar, in my opinion. I learned about it from a friend's blog. I am sure we could all have predicted it would be a sell out. Glad you were able to get some.

  6. It's really pretty and unique! I haven't seen it either, but there are so many lines, you would have to be shopping constantly to find them all! What will you make?

  7. I can not believe I did not know about Charley Harper! I can see why you are enchanted with them. They are delightful. By the way the name is spelled I suspect Charley is a lady ? Thank you for sharing.

    Even machine stitching the binding on is a chore. You accomplished a lot yesterday ! And more snow… we are still waiting for some… Crazy huh ?


  8. Hi, got my Charlie fabric from the Quilted Castle in Ok. Also one of the needlepointers blog has a post about a lady who does Charley Harper quilt designs! She's got some cute things and more to come. She was on one day last week. Yeah, I got fabric too!

  9. One of my good friends, Mary, is an avid birder AND a Charley Harper fan. On a trip last year, we stopped at the federal building in Cincinnati to see the two big murals there, by Charley Harper. Have you ever seen them?
    Of course, Mary, also had to have some of the new fabric. She had the same experience as you, and had to buy on Etsy. Either investors bought up the entire line immediately – so they could sell for a profit on Etsy, or just a very small amount was printed in the first. Or both!

  10. I had never heard of Charlie Harper. The fabric is very cute! We only got a heavy dusting of snow this weekend, but the weather people are calling for more here. Maybe 1 to 3 inches only, but it is going to be down to 3 degrees on Wednesday. I am getting close to only a quarter of a tank of gas so I will go at lunch time and fill up in preparation for the next clipper.

  11. LOVE Charley Harper….didn't know the fabric was hard to find… going to have to look for it now. I have seen some foundation pieced blocks based on his designs.

  12. I didn't know the name, but I am sure I have seen a lot of his work over the years. I understand the appeal of his style and design. How super that it's available in fabric now!

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