Taking it easy………

Thanks everyone for the good wishes yesterday.  I was exhausted (the trip to Chicago always does that to me) and didn’t do much all day except finish a book, continue knitting a dishcloth and start cleaning off tables in my basement.  I also trimmed the quilt that I just quilted.

While I was cleaning up in the basement I found 2 large pieces of plaid fabric which has me second guessing whether I will piece the back out of leftover plaids.  The top one, black and white, is about the same weight as the fabrics in the quilt top.  The darker plaid on the bottom is a little heavier.  I have enough of the dark plaid for the whole back.  I have enough of the black and white plaid for one complete length and enough left over to use with some piecing for the rest of the back.  I will have some time to think about it because the art quilters are coming Monday which means I am switching over to basement cleaning and straightening up for a couple days.


16 thoughts on “Taking it easy………

  1. Doctor's appointments are stressful, but your results are great. The darker one piece might make the quilt more stable with all the seams. I look at what the use of the quilt will be as to how many sections I use on the back. Just my thought. Chris

  2. I believe your definition of taking it easy and mine are different! You get more done in one day than anyone I know. Love the plaids, have been seeing them a lot lately on blogs etc., are they vintage or new? Hope you feel better.

  3. Wow – I duck out for the holidays, and your production explodes! So many lovely projects. I'm so glad your eye is improving a bit and congrats on the great-grandchild! Your zigzag log cabin and trip around the world particularly caught my eye…so nice!

    Teresa :o)

  4. And I thought it was just me, that is, traveling is exhausting! Sounds like you got a good nights sleep and are ready for the next thing on the list. I think either way will work for the back, but like someone else said pieced back are a lot more work.

  5. Sure can sympathize and understand with you about the trip into Chicago.

    Either one of those plaids will work, and I always enjoy seeing the choices you are contemplating over. It is always fun to see which one you decided on.


  6. I like the black and white plaid better and I would think a pieced back would be more interesting AND make it two-sided. I love all your colors and inventiveness. I have been following you for a year or two I think. Keep up the good work!

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