Almost finished………

I loaded this quilt on the longarm machine a few days ago and last night I decided to get it quilted.  I started this quilt around 1998 while I was still working at a quilt shop.  I’m not sure when I finished the top but it was before 2007 because I showed it on my blog the first year I was blogging (2007).  I chose the backing and cut the batting for it last year.  Here is the post where I showed it and the color on the quilt top is more accurate in that photo.  I finished the quilting about 10:30 p.m. so I didn’t get it trimmed yet.  It is about 76″ x 96″ after quilting.


16 thoughts on “Almost finished………

  1. well I bet you will be glad to have one more done and out of the way. I have one top that has been waiting a long time for me to quilt – my second dear jane but it hasn't been sitting around that long :)although it will if I don't get to it soon! you quilt colors look great as usual

  2. Great colors in this quilt! What type of quilting did you quilt it? do you have any pictures of the quilting? It's such a nice feeling to have one finished! My goal this year is to get my tops quilted that are waiting.

  3. Tantalizing to say the least. I don't think I even knew about your blog in '07'. So to see it when you first posted with a close up was great. It truly is a work of art Wanda.


  4. Looks beautiful Wanda! The part that is hanging down hasn't been quilted yet….correct? Don't you have to keep both ends of the quilt rolled and tension on them?

  5. It is still beautiful after all these years. I find that I have to “work myself up to” quilting a big quilt. The smaller ones go fast, but the biggies are more of a challenge, especially if doing something a little more interesting on them.

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