Proof I started sewing it…….

Here is proof I started sewing the quilt together but I just couldn’t stick with it.  Maybe I’ll get it done today, maybe not.

When my friends were over on Friday I pulled out some stacks of fabric looking for one particular one.  So….I spent time petting this stack instead of sewing the rows of the log cabin.


22 thoughts on “Proof I started sewing it…….

  1. …and my word for petting fabric is therapeutic…good thing spell checker took care of me there. Good luck making progress on your log cabin quilt.

  2. I stopped sewing one day this last week and reorganized my lawyers bookcase full of fabric-just so I could refold and stack in color wheel order-a lot of petting was involved-maybe that is why my one cat loves the sewing room.

  3. But you took time to give us a post for today. And for me most Saturdays are very difficult to do any sewing. It is the weekend, time to take some time to do what you feeling like doing.


  4. Who could resist petting that stack of fabric?? The possibilities look endless — but those fabrics could turn into an amazing Orange Peel or Dresden Plate or Joseph's Coat quilt! Yummy! And so lovely and bright and colourful during the grey days of winter!

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