Final decision…….

I finished the last 8 blocks and this is the final layout.  Since I have an uneven number of blocks in both directions none of the symmetrical layouts would work unless I had it off center. I will sew it together today.  It should finish at approximately 77″ x 99″.  I had intended to make it smaller but somehow I just had to fill that whole double design wall with one row barely hanging onto the right edge.  It will have a dark binding to finish it off, whatever plaid or stripe I have enough of to do the job.

I thought is was appropriate to finish these two mug rugs last night as they seemed to fit the theme.  The little squares were cut over 20 years ago and sewn together in 2012.  I quilted them this week and finished the binding last night.


20 thoughts on “Final decision…….

  1. Love the layout!! Now, I don't like plaids, but this is just fabulous, a real jewel. How you made something like this out of ordinary plaids, not fancy fabric, is a testament to your skill and imagination. The whole design moves and sparkles.

  2. Darling mug rugs. This goes to show that “old” UFOs can be finished eventually! Your quilt layout is great. It is amazing what you can do with a simple log cabin design.

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