Log cabin layout……

It’s obvious now that I should have started the left row against the edge of the design wall but I didn’t think I was going to make this many blocks.  Right now it would end up at 66″ x 99″ with one block left over.  If I could talk myself into making 8 more blocks it could be 77″ x 99″.  If you have never made a log cabin quilt you might not be aware that there are lots of layouts you can use.  Here is an older post with several layouts I tried.

I took some of the pieces that I cut from the leftovers and made four 6″ blocks that I would lay out like this.

Then I made four more…….

and this is what they look like next to each other.  I’m not sure if a pattern would show up eventually when there is such a variety of plaids and stripes.  I could put sashing between the blocks.


15 thoughts on “Log cabin layout……

  1. About 15 years ago there was a scrap-using pattern in Traditional Quiltworks that used a similar square-and-rectangle layout. It started with a four-patch that was consistent in all blocks. I'm a much scrappier quiltmaker now so if I did it again I think I'd use the same colors in the four-patches, but not the same fabrics.

    BTW, Wanda, I was channeling you when I made made my last-of-2013 quilt (scrappy chevrons). Thanks for your ongoing inspiration!

  2. I love the chevron effect in your log cabin layout. This is my personal opinion, but, on your 6″ blocks, I wouldn't sash them. I think it would be great to just see the fabrics playing against each other whether there would be a definite pattern or not?

  3. Your log cabin layout… I do not see what I am supposed to see on the left side. It looks just fine to me…. I have always loved plaids and stripes and you make them look even better all together.


  4. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. I would never have thought to use the fabrics you used here, but I can imagine myself nestled underneath all of those soft plaids.

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