Purple and blue…………

Yesterday I sewed purple and blue blocks.  I’m still cutting for the orange and pink blocks.

For those who have inquired but don’t have their email enabled, this is the book that the pattern is in.  It is the same book that had the Fractured quilt (see my label list on right side bar for my Fractured quilts).

My blocks are more intense colors than the ones in the book’s quilt. I like the low contrast of that one too.

The sky was pretty last night.  I can’t seem to capture the intensity of the color.  It still makes a pretty picture though.

I was asked about my statement about making an effort to throw away 14 items a day.  First of all it is 2014 so that is where the 14 came from.  I guess I alarmed a few people into thinking I was throwing away perfectly good things.  For example, when company is coming and I’m down to the last hour, I throw the remainder of what is sitting around into a box and put it in a closet.  After doing that for several years, I have many piles to go through, most of which can be pitched.  I am not throwing away anything sewing related, just that other ‘stuff’.  I recycle, give to charity and have garage sales for usable items.  I’m sure I can keep up the 14 item project for many months.  My kids will thank me for doing this.


26 thoughts on “Purple and blue…………

  1. Isn't it amazing what we value and yet we don't do anything with the stuff until it is time to pitch it. I make piles and get back to them only when pressed to and find out the same thing. I've started to do that to. I really didn't need to save this. I'm sure I saved things, but where did I put it is my problem. Have fun pitching I know I have started doing it to. The blocks really make a statement can't wait to see them together. Chris

  2. I was just doing a little cleaning/reorganizing in the sewing space…. and found a few things I could live without… too. Most of the rest of the house is neat (ish)…

  3. I do enjoy their quilt books. I have only looked at the material obsession books not this one. The sunset was very nice. Too bad it is only 23 degrees where you live. Up from minus nine though.

  4. I do this throughout the whole house about twice a year – I will fill up about 3 or 4 boxes or bags and take them to Goodwill, I go through closets, drawers, kitchen cupboards ect. it is amazing that after doing this for the last 4 or 5 years that I still have so much stuff that I never use – and I haven't even touched my husbands workshop where he puts everything he thinks we have to keep but haven't looked at in years. Now he is a real packrat

  5. You are so wise, Wanda. My mom had purged her files and belongings, so when the time came for me to take over, and close up their house, it was really easy. Now it's my turn to purge. I like it, 14 a day. Just going through the mail daily will sometimes yield 14 things!

  6. I can imagine the intensity of the color you saw when you took that photo. Last night as I was driving on the bridge over a lake, I saw so many colors in the water. However, a camera can never capture it as the human eye can see it.

  7. This is going to be such a pretty quilt. There is something about the color of the sky on a really cold day that can't be matched any other time of the year. It's one of the things that make those bitter cold days bearable! I like your idea of throwing away 14 things a day. I could certainly do that. A few years ago, I started throwing away 5 things a day, but somehow let that go by the wayside.

  8. These blocks are striking and colorful! Good luck with the throwing away…I get in "moods" where I go through stuff and pitch! You have to or you won't have room for anything new!

  9. My favorite blocks so far. I have that book and I like most of the patterns and love a few. Our LQS owner did a demo on Greenfields on page 126 and I couldn't believe it was the same one. She stuck to black with white dots for the squares and then used Christmas fabric for the scrappy sashings-it was stunning.

  10. In an effort to assist you in achieving your goal of removing 14 items a day from your house, I think you need to send me the purple/blue blocks. You could count that as 2 items! They are beautiful and purple is my favorite color.

  11. Yes your kids will thank you! My husbands parents passed away this year and the house is still full (organized but very full) so overwhelming and it's in Idaho and we are in WA. Not sure how we are going to get it cleaned out as we are both still working. Ugh!!Love this new quilt you are working on – very fun:-)Happy New Year!LauraT

  12. Purple and blue…. are just as striking as the first four blocks. And the orange and pink soon to come. Can't wait…Beautiful sunset on fallen snow in Sandwich… thanks for sharing. JJM

  13. This quilt is going fast! You have 6 of the nine colors complete! Yes, your kids will thank you! My cousin and I use to have silly conversations when clearing out parents homes. I offered to trade him a gallon of bread ties for his two gallons of butter tubs! This went on for months with silly stuff! My in laws loved school/office supplies. I may never have to buy more in my lifetime!

  14. This is going to be a Beautiful quilt. I love the vivid colors.I try to go through my stuff a every year, taking a few bags to Good Will. Worn out items go in the trash. Im sure my children will thank me.

  15. Great progress, I ordered that book in hopes that
    my quilt will turn out. Thanks for the advice on
    the cactus. I think my problem was that they didn't
    get enough light. I am not giving up in my quest
    to have a xmas cactus, in memory of my Mom.

  16. Many thanks for your colourful blog. I like your wonderful quilts. You have snow but here in southern Finland we don´t have any. Wish you a happy new year.

  17. Your new quilt looks lovely- I do like the contrast of the black and white prints with the rich colors.
    I haven't seen Kathy Doughty new book but will have to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing.

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