Turquoise and green………

Two more blocks are finished and I cut more background fabrics.

All four blocks.

I haven’t mentioned the cacti lately so here is an update.  The orange one should be in bloom within the next week.

There is one lonely red flower, the last of all three red plants.

The pale pink which bloomed in September and then again in November has buds again.

The white one is going to bloom again.

The garden, north end along an east window.

The garden looking south.  I have another Amaryllis ready to bloom.  The second stalk on the red one is almost ready to bloom too.  I love this indoor garden. It makes me forget about winter just a little.  There was a prediction of -14 degrees last night and another below zero wave coming that will last a couple days early next week.


24 thoughts on “Turquoise and green………

  1. I can just hear the purr of the sewing machine… We are having an arctic blast too. Not below zero for the air temps, but the wind is pushing it down…. I think the winter prediction my dogs made, just might actually be correct! Way better than the weather people here!

  2. Hi Wanda ,Perhaps you might recall I was havind difficulty finding Ch,. cacti . I eventually tracked some down but had to pay £7 99 for each plant . I bought 2.last week I visited my usual nursery and got 3 for £1.earlier he said he wasn't expecting to have any /sadly mine are all similar in colour .love the new quilt

  3. Your new quilt is lovely–especially like the turquoise/green; I finally found a white Christmas Cactus this year–it has shocking pink stamens–just going out of bloom right now. windchill here now is -4! And it is snowing like crazy…stay warm…hugs, Julierose

  4. Artistic talent ,plus a green thumb. That quilt isjust beautiful. I bought 3 cactus and not one isblooming, searched on line for some hints andam hoping I can at least keep them alive. It'scold here in Michigan also. I am going to keepwarm and sew. Every time you show the startof a new project…I say to myself WOW that ismy favorite.

  5. I do love the big quilt blocks – if I make one it would have to have a different look as I don't have a lot of the light prints to use with black/white combo – oh well it will be a ways off anyhow with all I am working on now! it will go on my one day list.

  6. I love your blocks! What book is this pattern in? We are really having a cold snap here, too. The high temps on Monday are supposed to be -13. That is cold! Saw your hexies in the previous post. What a blast from the past. I have some very similar brown fabric in my stash.

  7. The blocks rock and the indoor garden is wonderful! It was very warm here Dec. 29th, so I did yard work cleaning up loads of leaves and misc plant debris, cleaned out the garage a bit, transplanted my Norfolk island pine, and planted a canna for indoors. I haven't look to see if the canna is growing yet, but I am looking forward to having an indoor garden if the thing grows. I should have potted it a month ago, but the time got away.

  8. What do you do when it is that cold outside-is it dangerous to be outside? I was born in San Diego so I can't even wrap my mind around that kind of cold. Like the quilt and am jealous of your green thumb. My cacti are sitting naked for the first time in years.

  9. Happy New Year, I love the quilt you are currently working on, and I'm impressed with your plants. I do not have much luck with indoor plants, I think I do not have enough humidity.

  10. My Christmas cacti have been blooming too. I have three pots – two are double fuchsia and one is a double white. The fuchsia have been blooming for about a month and are still going. It's certainly a pick-me-up to see them blooming. Mine love to be pot-bound and in bright windows with little watering. Love the new quilt in progress too.

  11. All four blocks are sensational Wanda. Will be looking forward to the completion of this one. Your bountiful cacti blossoms just amaze me. And I just smiled at your referring to your garden. And indeed it is. JJM

  12. A cyclamen would fit in lovely with your winter garden, mine blooms pretty much year round, it has about 5 blooms on it right now, darn near impossible to kill and God knows I've messed up and forgot to water it or left it to get too cold and it still pops right back with a little lovin. Love your blocks.

  13. Hello & Happy New Year to you!I love your indoor garden. My Christmas cactus is shriveling up, it looks pathetic, but I'm still hoping it will come out of it.Those blocks sure are pretty! Looking forward to the end result.Sure hope 2014 is a better year for you.Happy quilting!Kay in Kansas

  14. Your posts are so inspiring Wanda. Your great quilts and flowers pictures are so well received with the frigid and snowy gray winter days we've been having. Perfect in everyway. Like another reader mentioned, each quilt you show is "my favorite". I'm so happy you share!

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