Recap of 2013….

I decided to do the recap of the year on the last day of the year instead of the first day of the new year.  I have no intention of rushing to finish anything to add to this.  I want to spend a day cleaning up and evaluating what I want to do next year.  Above is all of the finished quilts of 2013.  It is less than 2012 but I’m pretty happy with the amount.

I also did quite a few mug rugs.  I’m not sure I had photos of all of them but at least it is most of them.

The collage above is all of the tops that I finished in 2013.  Most were new ones made this year but the top left one was just a border added to a top from a previous year.

This collage is blocks made but not yet sewn into a top and two that are waiting for their final border.

I think you can see that making quilts really is my therapy since it was a rough year in a lot of ways, one being my dad’s death and the complications that preceded it.  I do my best to be a happy person and to see the bright side of whatever is happening.  There is enough gloom and doom in the world without dwelling on it and discussing it to death.  The beauty of nature soothes my soul, the colorful fabric lifts my spirits, and using my artistic talent to make the quilts fulfills my need to create.  Good-bye to 2013.  Hello to a new beginning in a new year!


40 thoughts on “Recap of 2013….

  1. You have had a busy year and very productive. They are all beautiful. Have a very Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Hello to 2014. I never thought when I was younger that I would make it to 2000 and here it is 2014 coming up tonight.

  2. What a glorious site – all these quilts, the patterns and the colour are mind-blowing congratulations of on such beautiful work and being so unbelievably productive you are truly an inspiration Wanda!!
    A Happy New Year to you and best wishes for your good health.

  3. Your last paragraph states very eloquently many of my thoughts and feelings as well. Seeing all your lovely, striking projects from this year shows how well you were able to direct your energy to sewing.
    I hope that 2014 brings you the best of everything, Wanda, just as you share your best with all of us.

  4. Wow, how great to see all your work on one page! How did you do those collages–I'd love to know!

    Your thoughts on the impact of quiltmaking in your life is spot on for many of us. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I am always inspired by your work on a day to day basis, but when viewed all together, it's amazing. Thanks for sharing your passion for quilts with us. Blessings for 2014.

  6. Hi Wanda, Congratulations of all of your achievements for this year, and most of all thank you for sharing them with all of us! Can't wait to see what's is store for 2014, I know it will be a feast for our eyes. My favorites: the green/pink 16-patch, I think it was Peony Garden? and the 2-patch spiral design from Material Obsession in lower right of the completed tops photo collage. Happy new year!

  7. Thank-you Wanda for sharing the best of you when you were going through the worst. Most of my friends don't quilt and they don't understand the joy I get from being in my little studio working away on something I think is beautiful. It is so healing. Blessings to you in 2014. A tutorial on the collage would be a lovely project, don't you think:) Ditto what Gene said!

  8. Readily, somethings are apparent when looking at collages of your work. Color. Complexity. Design. Variety. Volume. Beauty. Diligence. Sharing. I am thrilled I have been along for the ride. What is the name or post of the one under the rattlesnake quilt . The spikey one, I would love to make one like this. I can't remember when the post was. Thank you for sharing everyday and educating me.

  9. What a fabulous body of work!!!! Truly beautiful. My hats off to you and your productivity.

    I know what you mean about therapy. Quilting is my go to place to cheer myself up whenever cheering is needed.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014, and thanks for inspiring us all with the sharing of your creative spirit.

  10. So much beauty in those collages . . .

    I am so grateful to count you as one of my mentors and friends. Thank you for the joy you bring each day with your colors, your process, and your spirit!

    Happy New Year hugs to you!!

  11. Both your comments, and your quilts, do much to add beauty to our world. Thank you for sharing both with us, your fan club. May 2014 bring you blessings and beauty.

  12. You, of course, may have whatever goals you wish for yourself. But I hope they're not too tied to quantity. I think it's awfully impressive to look at those pics of your collection of work accomplished in 2013, mostly because it's all so beautiful. There's not one piece in there which I don't love, which doesn't make me happy, and which doesn't have gloriously beautiful and exuberant colors. It also becomes abundantly clear what a great job you do working with the contrasts in fabric colors. Something which is often overlooked to the detriment of a quilt's final impact. I'm so looking forward to what you'll do this year.

  13. Thanks Wanda, as others have said, I also check each day, your blog to see what you have accomplished, and your continuing amount you get done each day is so astounding. So just yesterday showed an older friend some of your quilts and did have a wonderful trip through your work, your studio, and the great eye candy of your quilts. We were just in awe of your quilts. I would like to know how you keep doing it each day. Thanks so much for all you share,

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