Really a finish this time…….

Zinnia Garden is finished.  It is 55″ x 73″ right now.  I want to wash it to soften it so it will probably end up a couple inches smaller.  I want to wash the smaller quilt, English Flower Garden, at the same time. 

I used two different threads for the edge finish on these two mini quilts.  The one on the right is the same color thread that I used for quilting on both of them.  The one on the left is a little darker and I think I like it best.


17 thoughts on “Really a finish this time…….

  1. They all look great. If you hadn't said you used different thread I maybe wouldn't have noticed. My last Christmas is over now so maybe I can get something done. Hope you have as good a year as this last one quilting. Chris

  2. I bought some fusible fleece on sale at Joann's yesterday to have on hand to try one of these. Yours are beautiful! I am curious as well about how you wash and dry yours. I lay them on the lawn in between 2 sheet until dry-but you have snow.

  3. What a perfect name Zinnia Garden is! It really does capture the look of zinnias. And as always, your quilts are gorgeous!

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