A few more details………..

I started quilting the first of the 3 little confetti type wall art.  I am using a variegated rayon embroidery thread for the quilting.

I made several of these in June and July 2012.  Here is a link to the start of one batch that year.
It will explain a little more about them.

This gives a better view of the way the pieces are just overlapped a small amount and there is a loose edge on each of them.

Here it is after quilting in that same area.

That piece is all done except the edge finish now.  Next to it is one that hasn’t been trimmed yet.    If you go to this post and scroll down you can see the edge finish that I use.


15 thoughts on “A few more details………..

  1. I see I should have been saving some smaller pieces…. Actually I would run the cutter through a pile of small scraps…. much easier than saving the small pieces!!!

  2. You are inspiring me to start this again. I stopped because I got some comments like what do you do with these and what is it for? Do you assemble the scraps on batting? If so, how do the scraps stay in place while you are stitching? I used heavy wt interfacing so the sandwich doesn't flex or flop. Beautiful colors and compositions on your quilts!

  3. Love these! I'm particularly thankful for the lesson in how to finish off the edges. I generally make much bigger quilts – almost all are bed type quilts, the smallest are baby quilts – I very rarely even make wall hangings. But a couple of years ago, in a class/retreat I made three small tops. I've never finished them because I really don't know how to do anything but regular binding and that seems too big and bulky for such small pieces. They're not much larger than 10″ x 14″ is my guess. How large are yours?

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