Attention span..or lack thereof…..

I walked into the studio to cut more pieces for the new quilt and I saw the three confetti type quilts that I started last week and decided to work on them instead.  My new little ironing and storage cart is perfect for taking photos of small items. 

I can just turn it around to have the best light on the projects.  I have about 5 hours into these 3 pieces so far and all I have done is place the pieces and iron onto fusible batting and then iron to a backing.  Now I need to quilt them and then they will be trimmed.  Today I have a funeral to go to so I don’t know what I will get accomplished.

There is a pair of woodpeckers in this photo.  One is on the suet cage facing the other direction and leaning over to eat the suet.

The one sitting next to the butterfly on the pole flew over under the feeders and started eating.  He has a little pile of snow on his beak.


15 thoughts on “Attention span..or lack thereof…..

  1. I have a plan to make some crumb/confetti quilts… someday… I still have a suet feeder up. The squirrel, has decided that it is too difficult to get anything out of it. Haven't seen him in about 2 weeks, YAY! No woodpeckers, but the Juncos are around.

  2. OK Wanda…… can tell I am fairly new to quilting because I am unfamiliar with this technique you are using to make these three pieces, but, I LOVE IT! How fantastic! Is there a name for this technique?

  3. Your confetti quilts are gorgeous! Like Kevin, I am curious and want to know more about them.I envy you right now. I have a deadline looming and can't let myself get distracted in my studio and play. I am consoling myself by stacking up some candy prints for a future project.

  4. When I have made confetti types small quilts, I put a layer of pellon wash-n-gone interfacing pinned over the top. I can free motion away and never get the feet caught in the pieces. When I am done, I put it in the tub or sink with water and the interfacing disappears. Magic! I buy it with a coupon on sale at Joann's. I have tried some other brands, but make sure it looks like regular interfacing, not the plasticky stuff. Works like a charm.

  5. Hi, Wanda. I just LUV these two little pieces and I'm thinking the fusible batting might be a useful thing to have. I just pin onto paper and stitch down, but, my method is sooo time consuming. I better start a buying list for when I'm in the States next…And a Happy New Year!best, nadia

  6. Been a while since you have shown us your 'confetti' designs. You always work such wonderful layouts with you brilliant colorful fabrics. Will you stitch the blocks together or use each one separately ?JJM

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