A friend………

A friend who reads my blog was travelling through this area yesterday so she came over for a few hours.  We went out for lunch and then we played with my pile of clean up cuts from batiks.

I started cutting for this quilt when I was making my Fractured quilts (this one is in the same book) so last night I got serious and cut some more pieces.  I need to find about 7 more light fabrics for backgrounds and I am only about halfway done cutting the color pieces.  I think this will be a good one to start on New Year’s Eve.


29 thoughts on “A friend………

  1. Dear Wanda – This being Christmas Eve, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for a year full of exuberant colour! Your blog entries have brightened many a day for me this year, with literal and figurative inspiration. I wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season. Janet

  2. thank you for writing so consistently. Your blog is a gift I allow myself to open each morning. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Peace be with you on this day and for the year to come.

  3. I am jealous ~ wish It was me that was able to stop by and visit with you too. Great looking strips cut for your New Years eve project.MERRY CHRISTMAS WANDA ~ JJM

  4. Dear Wanda,I found your blog after seeing your quilt at the Ciel Gallery in Charlotte.I get a dose of Exuberant Color daily from you and have been most truly blessed.Thank you for sharing your art with me.I made one watercolor quilt years ago using free discontinued decorator fabric samples from books. It was a wonderful experience and I itch to do more, but in the meantime I get my fix from you!Merry ChristmasLori

  5. I was eying that one, too, but no idea if I'll actually get to it. I will for sure enjoy watching you make it though! I, too, must join in the chorus of praise and thanksgiving to you for sharing your life and your art with us all so beautifully every day. You are a blessing and I pray that you be abundantly blessed in return.Merry Christmas!

  6. It's always a joy to watch your quilts being created, from the planning, to the cutting, the sewing, and the finishing steps. I enjoy learning from your process and this new one will be fun to see created. Merry Christmas, Wanda.

  7. Merry Christmas Wanda. May your days be merry and bright in this coming year. I have enjoyed your blog and many georgous quilts. Thank you for taking the time to blog about your projects.

  8. I was so enamored with your fractured quilts that I, too, bought the book. I've spent a lot of time reading and looking at it, but cannot say when I'll get around to making any of the quilts. There are quite a few I love, though, do I'm really glad I bought it. It's a lovely book. Thanks.

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