The REAL studio tour reveal………..

Today I’m linking up with the REAL studio tour, button on my right side bar to check out lots of studios.  Thanks Vicki/Field Trips in Fiber for hosting this.
This is my main floor studio.  It would be a family room in this 1950s ranch style house if a normal family lived here.  I’m standing in the doorway, the sewing cabinet to the left, the TV on the right on a cart with wheels so I can turn it toward the kitchen or studio.  The embroidery machine and cabinet are on the same wall as the TV.  I bought the bookcases in 1984 when I finally had a room I could call my own.  I bought most of the furniture at a good discount while working at a sewing machine store.

I stepped forward one step and turned to the left so you can see the machine and the third bookcase full of batiks (a 20+ year collection).  I’m still working on the striped binding, half way done when I took this photo.

I’m at the far end now, past the cutting table.  My serger is at this end of the room.  The three DMC cabinets I showed last week are in the bottom of the bookcase. 

I put a bin on top of the cutting table for all of the miscellaneous stuff that doesn’t have a current home.  I pounded nails in the wall and hung a bunch of my rulers.  The rest are in the slotted rack next to the window. 

This shot is taken from the far end looking back toward the doorway which leads into my kitchen.  The room is about 11′ x 15′.  If I have the back extension of the embroidery machine cabinet opened up then I close the back extension of the other machine cabinet.

Next is the basement studio (a/k/a the whole basement).  I set this up in 1994.  This photo is taken near the end of the stairway looking to the far end.  There are 2 cutting tables, then my longarm and then 2 design walls.  2 additional design walls are on the left.  The 5′ x 30″ ironing table is at the right which is in the center of the basement.  The wall juts out about 6′ to the left just past the first design wall and second cutting table and that is where my studio cutter is.

I stepped 4 steps to my right to take this photo.  Now the ironing table is on the left.  Right in front of me are two 96″ tables, then another one turned sideways, then 2 sewing machine cabinets, then a drafting/cutting table and finally at the far wall, a work bench with storage shelves on top of it.  There are 3 more design walls on the right, but actually the closest one is 3 stacked in front of each other.  To my right is the washer and dryer and I pull 2 design walls over in front of them when company is coming to play.

I have just turned the corner past the second cutting table and here is the Studio cutter and all of the clutter around it.  My dies are on top of and inside the top shelf of a cabinet just past the cutter’s table.

Now I have turned right and walked past my long arm machine.  Works in progress on several walls, another wall of shelves and another 5′ table.  There is a storage area behind each of the design walls and under the longarm.

This is a repeat photo from Mother’s day last year when my son made the plywood top for my pool table.  Under it I store my boxes of floral fabrics.  Looking past it you can see 2 tables and chairs, a TV and a microwave.

Walking past the pool table and turning left we’re back up by the stairway again.  These two shelf units back up to the stairway.  This is the only portion of the basement that has a finished ceiling in it.  It also has paneling which is pegboard on the upper half.  You can see the pegboard in the photo of my Studio cutter. 

I sewed in the corner of a room for 25 years and then both kids got married the same year and I got a guest bedroom and a studio.  At that point I decided to clean out the basement (a 10 year project!) and I added the tables and design walls.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.

I have posted lots more photos of fabric storage over the last 7 years if you look under STASH on the label list, and also under Organization.


59 thoughts on “The REAL studio tour reveal………..

  1. WOW I envy with all the space. Sad to say we always have to work with what we have. But when your house emptied up you sure used it well. Glad you have all your organization that works for you. Chris

  2. I so enjoyed visiting your studio! The one good thing about my kids growing up and moving out is more room for sewing stuff :). Someday, I would love an area OUT of the basement to sew!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful tour. I love your portable design wall idea. I think I shall borrow it and make a couple for myself.Lynne(PS, if you visit my blog, you can see your quilt hanging in my living room in yesterday's post.)

  4. Thanks for sharing your space. I can see how everything works together so you can do the magnificent work you do. I took over the living room when kids moved out. What I don't have that you do is that big tables area for laying things out. I just can't do things on the floor. I struggle with big quilts. I have a lot of vintage sewing machines in the mix also. Your photos are taken so that I understand the work flow. It looks like I would dream of a studio. Thank you again, it is your personal space, yet you share it!

  5. Now I understand how you rearrange the upstairs studio for cold-weather months! I was trying to envision it in my head – but the photos make it much easier to understand. I could gaze at your stash all day and be happy just to inhale the colors!Thanks for sharing so many great photos!

  6. Oh Wanda,I just knew you would have a wonderful space and that it would be well organized. It is evident that you put some thought into organizing your work area. It is nice to see the whole area.

  7. You captured the beauty, organization, and precision of what it takes to create your masterpieces each day. I think your main floor studio even looks bigger to me now. Your work space is indeed a quilter's dream.Thanks WandaJJM

  8. Wow. I thought my sewing "studio/room" was pretty wonderful, but after seeing your setup, I realize that mine is very much in need of re-organization. You are so lucky (congratulations on getting it after all those years of doing without) to have all that wonderful space and to have used it soooooo well! No wonder you can do all the beautiful things that you do.

  9. How great it is to be able to be so organized and also have lots of space to work in. I love you ironing table. When I was younger I had an ironing table the size of a sheet of plywood and it was on legs and had a shelf underneath to hold fabric. Wish I had that back. It is nice to have a sizable ironing table. I love you studios and am very jealous.

  10. I have wanted to see your space for a while. I don't know why but I thought you were almost all downstairs except for a sewing "corner" upstairs. lol! Both spaces are awesome!

  11. Such great spaces to create! I loved seeing where all your magic happens. I got to take over my finished basement for sewing when my kids moved out.I used to have only half, now I have it all.I have yarn and such in an upstairs office and thought I should be keeping it all downstairs but after seeing yours, I'm good. Thanks for sharing your spaces with us!!

  12. What a great space, Wanda. Love how you have different stations set up and having multiple design walls is brilliant. Time to start plotting a takeover of the unfinished half of our basement…

  13. What a fabulous tour, I admire the organization as I know from experience that it takes a long time to get things in a place that makes sense for you. You have done a beautiful job of determining what you need for each space within your spaces. Having followed your blog for some time it was super fun to see where you create. Thanks for the clear explanations as I feel like I have just done a tour of your space. Have a great holiday.

  14. WOW! What a wonderful space for someone who works as much as you do in your space. I have a 1970's family room and have become overwhelmed with all that is in here. But, I am feeling much better after seeing all that you have. Maybe two to three times my stash. My Best wishes for you and yours in the upcoming New Year.

  15. I enjoyed the tour of your studio, Wanda. It is a fabulous space to create all your lovely quilts. You have inspired me to organize my basement space for the new year.

  16. Wanda….I am in awe! What great spaces you have for creating your beautiful quilts. I thought the upstairs was fabulous but never had a clue to how wonderful you set up your basement thought it was just that one section. Amazing!

  17. Oh, I am moving in a few months into a larger place so both my honey and I have room for our hobbies (outgrew our condo). I will have a room of my own for sewing and loved seeing how yours was set up. And then I saw pictures of the basement studio….I never even gave that a thought! I will have a basement too!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  18. Fantastic studios Wanda! I can see how having two great dedicated working spaces can help in efficiency. At first I didn't have a studio but it was amazing how much more work I got done once I had a place for my sewing machine to stay ready to turn on and stitch. Happy holidays!

  19. WOW what amazing studio spaces! I love the space you have up and down. I have two bedrooms converted to a studio with a long arm and feel squeezed for space but love having the studio space I have and feel very fortunate to have it.Enjoy the holidays and thanks for the tour! LauraT

  20. Thanks Wanda, it was just fabulous to see your studio, thanks so much for sharing, the stash, the organization of it all, and the eye candy of batiks and tools. No wonder you make so many quilts. keep up the good work for many more years.

  21. Wanda, I have a huge smile on my face. It just makes me happy to see your wonderful studios. An artist of your caliber deserves lots of space to create, and you have it! (Plus, you make me look so conservative and I have LOTS of fabric. 😉 )

  22. Gosh Wanda what a tremendous studio/studios you do have!! I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and conjure up a place lie yours, it must be an absolute joy to create in your space!! Thank you for sharing with us

  23. That's awesome space! And so much of it. I'm really impressed that even though you have so much space, you're still very well organized. And, of course, that's the reason you're able to be so productive. Love the zebra rug in your basement studio!

  24. Wow! Thanks so much for showing such a complete tour! We moved just about three weeks ago, so my studio is in transition…viewing yours gives me ideas! And, OMG, the design walls! So many! Love that…

  25. Love seeing your studio space …..haven't been on your blog in some time and have missed seeing your creations! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and the new year brings health, happiness and all your wishes.

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