Stars 22, 23 and 24………..

I made 3 stars last night to play catch up.  Now I have 24 to play with and make some decisions.

Two friends came over to sew yesterday and I worked on my plaid log cabin blocks while they were here.  I also did some more cutting of plaids and stripes.  I hope to show progress soon.

The 24 blocks are not in any particular order here, just a documentation of all 24 together.  Then I did some dividing into groups and playing with them.

I pulled out the 12 that had the most purple in them and put them together on another design wall.

This batch had the most yellows, turquoise and oranges in them.

Then I removed 3 from this last group of 12 and this is the result.

The three I removed might make a nice table runner.

I had a red headed visitor to my back yard yesterday morning.

He was more than happy to clean up under the bird feeder.


18 thoughts on “Stars 22, 23 and 24………..

  1. still loving the stars. I am hearing a bird out at the suet block… this morning, but I don't recognize the sound… too dark to see tho. I have had to stop with seed, it drew a squirrel that was making the dogs crazy!!!

  2. I still like all 24 together. Maybe all the non purple ones could be grouped in the center. The stars are such a powerful design that the smaller arrangements seem overwhelming, but that is just me. Glad you got to sew.

  3. What a pretty collection. I recently pieced a star top and really struggled with matching the points. It had no sashing and there were a lot of very bulky intersections. Are you nesting your seams or pressing them open?

  4. Like everyone else, I am so loving these stars. Each block is dazzling enough to stand on its own for a mini-quilt.Also love the snow on the coneflowers. I leave my flowers over the winter and then in spring clean them out. I think the critters enjoy the food and the shelter they provide. Plus they make for nice winter photos.Again, I love these stars.deb

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